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Sunday, March 28, 2010

San Diego police and the possible abuse of microwave weapons

Last night at 3 am a cop car came by and ripped through here, when they went by the tent they used thier horn the one that sounds low tone and obnoxious but when this occured I believe a microwave anti crowd or crowd control weapon was misused on sleepig unarmed civilians. Everyone got very quiet even those sleeping and I of all people should know what that feels like from the abuse during Bush.

Gee I guess its time to call them on he way I was treated at Albertsons.

I highly suggest you dont try that again as I will consider it a challenge to see if I can be as big of a pain in the ass as I was in boston,and lets see if my handlers do thier dirty work out HERE as well.

Also I recall many clients being from Cali, es;ecially the entertainment industry. You wanna play arrogant due to typical age old cop arrogance or perhaps most of you clowns are still jacking off on civilians as play things like former military arrogant pricks would? We can play that.

Dont think the CALI sun has made me as stupid and as complacent as the natives here especially in the homeless population.
I can still be as black and cold as the winters back screwed up at Albertsons....I do believe that my hospitable attitude towards this place has ended and its time to get to work with the same love of destruction of hte Bush created police state that I have had for years.

Audit the Fed campaign also sounds fun especially the military. The Navy are the ones who have been given money to mess around with psychic research its documented.

When all know that the cops of all people are criminals, arrogant and are the last people on earth who should be trusted with microwave or any other military capacity anti terror or crowd control weapons. They have been handed wayyy to much power in the last decade due to Homeland Security being the dumbest agency yet when it comes to being realistic about most civilians abusing power.

Its gone to far and only the people the system is persecuting or trying to silence know the extent of the abuse. How far can I shove my book up thier asses before they go back to thier pre terror paranoia stance? The popo state cannot last forever. Enjoy it now while you can, and the next tine you play with toys you better kill and not mess around.

At least that is what the old mafia guys in suits told us at the lounges when we were little kids. Weapons are not toys, they are used for business only. You do not pull them out to play with them or impress people. ANd most importantly, if you are gonna pull one out you better use it.

And also anyone raised during Bush or in the military during the last administration who got to be so f*cked in Iraq or torturing prisoners should not be allowed to become a cop until they grow the fuck up as your generation sucks harder than any one before you and you have no solid old fashoined values besides what the neo con Nazis brainwashed you with so they could pull off those years of non sense. Believe it.

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About how strong magnetic fields can alter moral judgements.

You recently observed that the Nazis used to sleep with strong magnets built into their beds...