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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mel Gibson on Tiger Woods..and the use of diversions

Back in January, another member of Hollywood, targeted by Hollywood made comment on Tiger Woods as useful diversion and the training of the public to bow to social control via 'the mob' mentality opposed to pay attention to reality like grown ups are supposed to.

Why hasnt Woods and Gibson collected themselves, their fortunes and thier families and split to Europe like other hounded celebrities who chose France or other countries where pacy is respected? Whatever thier reasons they have stayed in the US and they are valuable assets we should be proud of. And what have we done in return? proved just how spoiled rotten the USA is by using mobbing and targeting a person as a luxury. This country is so ridiculous that it can afford to destroy its best and brightest. I wonder when that luxury is going to run out.

Have you ever really watched..I mean looked carefully at an episode of TMZ? Its total social control via mobbing...and the jerks who do that are so average..just watch them slice and dice famous people on just one episode. You'll be offended especially if you've been targeted. If you havent gained the same perspectives as targets or mobbing victims, then you probably have brains enough to just be bored by it.

I want a study done on the brain wave patterns of people that like this kind of show. That and Jerry Springer.

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Anonymous said...

If you can, check out this Youtube at It's a video of Dr. Rauni Kilde giving a talk on a Mind Control at a Anti-Censor Coalition conference in Germany. The constant translation by the interpreter is a bit annoying but the main points of her talk are vital in that she consistently implicates the US in all of the absolute abuse of power. You can almost feel the irony that this is being presented to a German audience.
The big problem I had with this is that to me she inadvertently made a lot of what she presented sound like conspiracy and hearsay. A bit unfortunate.
Another little mental note I made is that talks like this plant the seeds for the eventual failure of US powerbroking. I guess this is what happens when you mess with human beings.