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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, March 15, 2010

Skepticism for Targeted Individuals blogpost 3-15-10


Anonymous said...

More police violence that is "justified":

Note some of the laughable quotes:

"When you look at the report, you look at the video, you can see what occurred. The force was justifiable," Harper said.

LOL! The force was justifiable? All you can see is the guy lying there with a pool of blood around his face. It seems plausible that he could have been "acting out". It's suspect that the police had to use this much force, including the Taser-ing after he was immobile in the first place. Sounds like intentional abuse. Or these cops just get away with whatever they want, especially in cities. Of course, it figures the police chief is going to justify it somehow. It coincides with the perp rule of, when caught, just say the victim deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Also, I wanted to comment on the various perp roles they play and their little fables they pull over TI's: it seems like although the fables are fake, the perps still believe the storylines, and play along with everything as though they are real. It's almost as though someone stole a baby, and the person starts believing he is really and truly the person's dad. Perps are very twisted like this, managing to believe their own delusions. I suspect that's how they are able to hound TI's for so long and hard and with such ferocity.

It's like what Errol Flynn said, that it wasn't enough for him to PLAY the person, he wanted to BECOME the person. I've seen some odd stuff, like when I start thinking about someone like, say, Chuck Berry, they send in a perp who looks and talks and really seems to think he is Chuck Berry. Not lying on this one.

Anonymous said...

Very good post (followed the link). These criminals have access to sophisticated tech, and we are very outnumbered in terms of street perps and other observers. They can also "see us coming", so they can turn off their tech if someone with good enough counter-surveillance would come after them. They'd be able to shut off their tech at will, then just turn it back on when the investigators leave. The only fallacy here is that: their tech far surpasses any counter-surveillance any PI would have. Normal bug detectors just don't cut it; we are talking about classified, unheard off tech. to boot, making it impossible to prove.

So that's why we have to rely on our inner powers, our psychic abilities and other sixth sense type intuitions. For example, when they send in perps, right away, I get that "bad vibe", as though I can "feel" their perpness. It's like something very chilling, like when you're around a mass murderer. They had these innocent-looking young kids, except first of all, I though they were scary looking in a very subtle way. The way they came in and blocked my usual seat as well as the intent staring at me was a dead giveaway. Something else gave me that bad vibe, and I'm not sure if it was because I knew they were perps because of the way they were acting. I could "sense" their approach even before they got there, as soon as I saw them pulling in front of the window with their bikes. When they were out there, I got that intimidating feeling, kind of cold and helpless, like I'm about to be take down. Of course, I heard the usual muttering of insults that I usually hear from perps. What else? They followed that up with some stupid stalker guy who planted himself directly in front of me where I was sitting. The guy just plants himself there, trying to look obvious, but these perps don't need to look obvious. Again, before he even walked in the door, I could sense that sense of "gloom and doom" that I usually get when I'm about to be perped. When my "friend" was working there, she would laugh when she saw these people come in, as though she "knew" what was up with these "people".

Anonymous said...

Also, I have witnessed the dream invasions other TI's talk about. Sometimes, I get presented with certain themes, which get "implanted" in my dreams later. Except I didn't find out about this "theme" until after my dream. They must have some way of "seeding" a dream, like providing a composer with a theme to be "improvised around". The rest is just the composer working with the theme. In this case, the dreamer has the theme implanted, and the dream can proceed in a number of different ways, around this theme. I suspect they implant this theme into the TI's subconscious hours before the dream even takes place. When the dream happens, this theme gets taken up and incorporated into the remainder of the dream. Perhaps this is part of their research agenda; to test how creative we are.