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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rising American involvement in terrorism..duh once again

Does this piss you off cuz when I saw this I definetly got annoyed. Bad.
(incidentally the photo was different just hours ago when I first started this post and my computer died so I had to re write it. There was a photo of a woman from Pennsylvania and if this is the same woman she looked a hell of alot better in the last photo. It was taken in a structure that was outside like a bus or those lifts to go skying or see mountains in. She was a blonde with imperfect uneven bone structure but she looked much more 'Main St'-ish as this is what the article is trying to drive home. Now she looks like a female serial killer. Hmm not very 'Main St' right? So why was the pic changed. And the story has since gone from the original site I saw it on first. With the same 'Main St' picture.)

Why? Becuz this means one of two things concerning gang stalking:
*the gang stalking movement is part of a covert war on terror
-and people like me have been thrown out as bait or diversion away from terrorists involved in Jihad and Islam or just to go against the USA (whatever thier motive is for being that kind of terrorist)
-or I was framed covertly and the gang stalking is covert warfare against covert terrorists so it was easy to do
- or just as easy to use that system to get rid of anyone inconvenient by throwing them in the mix of suspected terrorists as its all covert activity.

*the ganstalking movement and all related activity IS the terrorism that is destroying the country.
There may be something more sinister going on.
How clever would it be to harass people into being those very terrorists?

Do you realize how mamy times anyone who is targeted thinks of turning on thier country? If anyone is targeted to the extent of say ME FOR INSTANCE they would be lying if they didnt admit to coming to that point or even surpassing it.

Turning against ones country of origin for a TI is akin to going postal finally, except with more stealth, planning and a network of other people.
Anyone who has been tortured to this extent is expected to turn which IS WHAT THE SYSTEM WANTS. That should have been obvious by now.

In my case for instance I was very suspect about how many people in on this were giving me advice to leave the country. I knew it was a frame up and it is..duh. But unlike other TIs due to my situation being life long and intergenerational 'the system' has been harassing me minimally for years, keeping me on edge and also always there were these attempts at setting me up. When I was a drug user all these morons who thought I was stupid wud try to set me up by running drugs. It was always the same suggestion, that I would run drugs for them and how easy it would be and all this bs. My programming and guidance system took care of their asses for me. Chanel this light skinned black madam I used to babysit for, her man was in jail and of course eventually her mother asked me on the phone if I wanted to run drugs. She got to me when I was desperate living in this dive in Lynn strung out of my mind. So I am a mess and strung out so how am I going to get past customs. Chanel was the kind of career criminal who's mom had also been a career cri9minal and a 'player'. She used to do credit card scams with the mail man or steal from school teachers purses. Her kids went to private school and she had a mercedes and an RV in the driveway of a shitty neighborhood. Welcome to the hood, where criminals are hiding out and doing business where suckers like you think everyone is a poor person. I also had some moron from the drug house I went to when I was a kid before I met Chanel, ask me the exact same question and he sounded just as full of sh*t as Chanels mom. I got caught once in part of her scam and she never paid me for the restitution that I had to pay for the shit SHE stole. So I guess I just took what I owe. Dont worry cuz itll happen to every single one of them who crossed me. Or owes me and thinks debts dont get paid. The Templars were bankers remember. And Jaques de Molay said a few words as he burned and they all paid soon after as well.

OK back to whats at hand.
If you are targeted the system will try to bait you, trigger you or frame you. You better be prepped for it. I was lucky. A bunch of Irish guys showed up at this place I was staying, hung out with me and some new friends I made (2006 or 7) and then at one point one of them dropped it on me that "once you leave the country then you are a threat". I still dont get exactly what he was on about but I thought I may have something to do with terrorism or a set up involving that. Also I was not going to leave due to that making me look MORE guilty of whatever federal investigation bs the system was pushing as cover story.
There is always a cover story and everyone should knoew that by now.

So think before you act out becuz I think one possible scenerio could be the system trying to torture people into turning against the USA and gang stalking after such loss and betrayal would certainly do it.

Eveyone who has been tortured to this point has thought about turning on thier country. When natural patriotism wears out, and there will be a time where you become clinically insane and have to compartmentalize it due to being tortured and brain damaged so severely, there will come a point where anyone, programmed or NOT would snap. When patriotism is no longer enough, when you have exhausted that and gone beyond it what is left?


Just see it this way: the very system that f*cked you up so badly to this point is still asking you to give blood. And with arrogance they believe they can actually tortuer you and brainwash you into it.

Pose this question to yourself: Why would I give the very system that did this to me what it wants? NOT letting your Will be interfered with is the ultimate in not being robbed by this system. Getting your power of Will to work for THEM is thier goal and believe me they will make it work for them and make it work against YOU.

You never want to play into the hands of this system. Its a very difficult task- NOT giving in to being docile and compliant via accepting the terms of behavior modification but also not giving in to snapping or vengence so it serves the people who are trying to destroy you. (by you becoming destructive).

THis system wants to cut you down and make you managable and that means either suicide, institutionalization or you becoming a person that you do not want to be either via giving in to being a sheep or becoming a killer. BOTH leave you managed by this system. And BOTH are the death of the true Self. The ultimate goal is erasing who you really are in favor of something that serves thier needs not yours.

Its understandable that living through Bush staying in office and that horror show then Obama getting in, all due to circumstances not choice really, would make any of us angry. And Americans have a right to be hateful of thier nation and pissed off.
But one has to question exactly who is pulling the strings on this one..and by 'this one' I mean since 2001 and one could even say back to Reagan. If anyone tortured hard enough claims that it has never run through thier minds to support terrorists or join Jihad or turn towards enemies of the USA they wud by lying. But then you sit there and immediately realize that this is what the system wants. For anyone targeted with covert warfare its not about the overt enemies or characters in the popular play that the public sees. WE have only to look at where our Will is going. Any and all alterations of the Will power towards actions that we would normally not have considered before MEANS WE ARE BEING ALTERED AND matters not what side we are thinking about joining.

Dont get lost in the details. Think about who you were before 2003, before being targeted 24/7. This is who you are naturally suppposed to be not this other person that has been falsely altered as events in the timeline have been falsely altered.
Just becuz darkness opens a portal does not mean one must go along with it and become dark..keep something lit. Keep something that remains from before and thus you keep your balance.

Besides the system stole from you. They took what was supposed to rightfully be yours. Dont let them now use you as a tool for thier own ends.

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