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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Red dragon and the Black beast

The Red dragon and the Black beast:

San Diego is obsessed with the colors red and black. At first I thought it was me like getting perped by the red t-shirts. I do see people wearing red as if its a sign of belonging to something but they are mosty African American. I see alot of whites and some blacks in the color combonations of red and black. Red shoes and black outfit, red purse and black clothes, or most popular is a red top with black pants. I see it about 5-10 times a day downtown. Everyone from business types dressed nice for work (women mostly) to poor slobs who cant dress for sh*t. And these are NOT people who are harassing me or focusing on me at all. I am sane and smart enough, experienced enough to know the difference. Its just some weird obsession they have here and it does freak me out due to the implications.
Its either a mindless fashion trend or these people are expressing being part of something.

My theories are that the Masons or some factions of a Masonic order will let just anyone in nowadays like a gang needs manpower. (yuk..tacky).

It could also be related to the military presence as the story I posted on my ONMC Wordpress blog on the immature guys in the military or private militant company that is attemtping to re create the Templars in modern times and a Christian wrote a story asking if they also inerited the Templars spiritual heritage.
Read the post and you will see what I think of that idea. I am NOT going to say WHY I feel that way but lets just say that that was a different time and those were the actions of young souls..younger men, impressed with thier own power domination of the world and of human society. As I state in the post there comes a time to grow up and souls, wether through re-incarnation or other means a long time in different bodies or vessels, will grow and evolve. Without this there would be stagnation. Nothing would ever grow or be diffferent.
And let us not forget the Templars who, throughout the Crusading, privately thought to themselves "Is this wrong what we are doing?" Killing, oppressing and stealing land in the name of when they knew better- still due to pressures (and covert warfare at court) they would bow to authority and high position and tow the official line.
There are Templars that walked away from all this..defected. There is much more to all this than just wearing red and black and being part of some secretive order.

You cannot re invent something that has already been...but you can steal it which is what these jokers are doing. They are stealing plain and simple..and they also want the secrets of the Templars as well. They want to know how is it that they were so feared on the battle field or how is it that they could beat their enemies in smaller numbers.

Simple: (and they already have dug for this and found it, these modern imitators): Its pretty easy to beat the enemy when you know what is going to occur moments before it occurs. This gives you an edge over who is coming at you next and from what direction.
These sorts of things modern man is obsessed with.

The reinvention of something long past is an absolute joke and I must wonder why mankind cannot find something new. Why he must keep living in dead time via pre recorded light and sound images and re inventing things that are in the past..its like military 'retro' or something and its just as suspect that this is a species that would rather play games than to face the important issues like the environement, overpopulation and quality of life.

Also I dont see the morals and principles, very very disciplined, that were part of the old Knights of the Order. I dont see the chivalry or standing up for justice.

I sense a very cheap re invention of something that was authentic and wonderful in its time..except for the inhumanity of it, which each soul must atone for or 'pay for' in this society's mind set, in good time and in his/her own way.
Its like a bad fake knock off from Mexico or China of something high end made by a designer.
It may look the same but you can sense, feel the lack of quality. Its just not the same.

Its the ultimate cult is what it is and its more attempts to enslave mankind any way the bastards can which is REALLY what they are doing.

If this is the brown hoods doing this I guess its no surprise as perhaps the greed never ended. But the black hoods would want more to enslave mankind. Both of them think this whole fiasco is man getting a bit too big for his britches again. Yet again.

Its a joke and both sides know it. Another tower of Babel where the black hoods will take pleasure in man's fall and the brown hoods will wince when the child does fall.

I am so disgusted with this country right now and its abuse of tech to gain power it has no business getting into that I just about ready to give is so insistent on getting his way. But then again so am I with writing my book I guess, and this is a human trait. Fighting so hard to survive or have some part of us survive.

I cant wait to be done with this book and just leave all this nonsense alone. I dont want any part of this or to be involvd in this at all. Its stupid and if you read a history book man keeps doing stupid sh*t and never learns. I just dont get it.

I may edit this post later but I can hardly stand my own bandana that is black and red, due to this city being obsessed. The people I see wearing those colors here seem fake and just part of a cult, there is nothing compellig about them.

I notice that people in entertainment lately think they are the sh*t by sporting either black and red or white black and red.

Perhaps its an expansion or worse: Price Hall has found legitimacy. They are so FLASH about the whole thing...its like a bunch of Masonic pimps or something tacky . Its very hard to watch that is for sure.
Just as I suspected: everyone here is full of sh*t.


Anonymous said...

Red-and-black isn't just San Diego. But is is true that the San Diego mafia owns "The Guitar Center?"

On_GangStalking said...

hahaha. I dont know dude..even if I was still in the loop like in the old days, I was never allowed to know anything anyway. Career criminals arent stupid. I wud probably be totally naive about it anyway even if I had known the owner for years or some sh*t. Who knows..