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Friday, March 12, 2010

assault be Albertson's employee part 2

I forgot to add last night due to being upset by that incident and tired som info.

after reviewing the video the cops became overtly intimidating whereas before when it was suspected that something might show up overtly on the tape it was preventitive measures and trying to sway my opinions and trying to persuade me to percieve events differently. After the tape was veiwed the persuasion style turned more coercive.

They then started to say things about his actions being valid due to him being a citizen that felt a crime was being committed and THE DARK HAIRED COP ACTUALLY SAID THAT HIM PUTTING HIS HANDS ON ME WAS ACCEPTABLE. What is interesting is that he had to wait to see the tape to start that line of pretzel logic.

I then repeated that is security's job and that he is not a citizen he is acting on behalf of Albertson's- who have security for that issue.
I did not mention this but I was already on what seemed to be city property (the sidewalk) but some stores actually own the sidewalks now so I dont know if he overstepped his juristiction. Either way he did wrong becuz if he is on the clock and on thier property his is acting on THIER behalf. If he is on city property then he has overstepped his rights becuz he is acting as their employee not a private citizen.

Thier response to this was to begin yet another inappropriate analogy: "OK say you were in a mom and pop store and they couldnt afford security and..." a similar scenerio. I again pointed out that this was NOT a mom and pop store and that they plainly had security.
That is when these two men towered over me and began the intimidating looks, the ones that are right into one's eyes. What they couldnt get with tactics they were going to get by being men and being in a superior position of power.

So the whole time I was treated basically like I was under suspicion for something, as if I was stopped under suspicion of shop lifting. I had shown my reciept and only called them due to being assaulted.

The whole situation was treated like Albertson's decided to call them and I was under suspicion. Especially the female cop showing up briefly as well as the way they ended it, asking if there was an order for me to leave the store and the other cop saying that I had my reciept so there was no issue with me leaving.

That shows that it was all along being handled on the side of THE STORE and their mentality was set with defending the store against crime not a citizen.

The Albertson's employee is a man of Mexican extraction, perhaps mixed with Caucasian. He is short in stature of med built. He seemed older and deconditioned maybe early to mid 40's. He has markings that make him easy to ID: he has birth marks or some other cause of discoloration on his face, light black blotches on both sides of his face. He is a lowly employee. He speaks English very well. He is aggressive it seems especially disregarding female's rights as well as oversteps his boundaries obviously. This man has severe anger and aggression issues and needs anger management. He should be considered dangerous to tdeal with alone as he will lie about his violent actions to protect himself.

I would be very leary of the local police who before now I had not contact with at all in any way that was negative. The cops that answered the call were younger and inexperienced but had enough experience to have the act down to act on behalf of the power structure instead of citizens.

I may bitch and moan about Boston but this would have never happened there so sloppily.

This man should have either called police, gotten security and then security should have gotten in front of me to get my attention. Grabbing a single female from behind on a dark street is not acceptable under any conditoins. Due to this man's cultural backround I believe that violence towards women or 'machismo' may be acceptable. I am not Mexican I wouldnt know. I am Italian where disrespect is not tolerated from strange men on the street. Your intent is to abuse if you touch some strange woman without anyone else around.

Also dont try to cloud legalities by saying I then percieve things differently due to MY backround. Its illegal what he did and if its NOT then we need a serious revamp of the system here in San Diego especially. And if what he did is not illegal then why werent the police more friendly and helpful? Why was I intimidated by two men when I had just been assaulted by a man?

Its a wake up call for San Diego, its PD and the corporate overlords here in Gaslamp dowtown. I am not stupid and I am not from CA. I am however upset, pissed off and highly offended by the sexism involved as well as the coddling of a local corporate entity and an obviously dangerous male who should NOT be working with the public at all.

The guy should be fired and never allowed to work with the public again unless he attends anger management and the store is not so California LAZY and LAX about thier protocol or policies about exactly which employees are authorized to stop suspected shop lifters. And by the way I notice that thier survaillence system that is all over the store failed them as they did not catch me NOT shoplifing but sent a common floor employee out to handle me violently. Then that very same survaillence system did not serve me either to prove yet a different crime was commited. After spending all that money, the store had a lowly, violent male who was NOT security come out and handle the situation violently and in a very primitive animalistic manner.

So all that money and security system does not work anyway and it was handled by males using thier muscles to solve the problem as if it were like 1000 years ago..or even 100.

Nice job corporate America, and lets here if for progress and technology.

Has my activism over these years still not proven to you that until man fixes and faces HIMSELF technology is useless. A bunch of enhanced apes toying with machines.

They didnt need cameras and an expensive system to have a male use his superior physical strength to assault me, and roughly interrigate me and then use cops as private guard dogs to protect 'the castle' from a peasant..becuz that is how this whole thing went down.

I will never forget this and if a lawyer cant do something to get the guy fired (forget money, I dont want it I want justice) I will personally make everyone's life miserable and slag this store for the rest of my life. Opportunities tend to present themselves and I will be waiting as long as I am breathing.

The young cop, the green eyed one with the large pupils who zones out, tried to get me to change my opinion yet one last time as I was leaving. I was getting my things together and he said "Dont you think this is just adding to your stress?" Once again it was 'forget it, let it go' on behalf of the power structure.

No dearest. In fact it makes me see that my whole life has been about an extremely corrupt power structure abusing me and cops usually laughing about it..just like the laugh he shared with the female cop who seemed more of a jerk than the two males. At least the dark haired one had some decency in the end and said "There is not CONLCUSIVE" evidence after I worked with what was on the tape.

Oh to conclude, due to that cop finally getting honest and saying the words "Conclusive" instead of making it sound like they had a vid of him NOT grabbing me, I went outside and looked at the area that he grabbed me in--it was right in between the two outside cameras which point in opposite directions. This means that there is most likely footage of us interacting (Thus the cops response "I cant answer that question" when asked if there if footage of us interacting at all) but the video most likely has a blind spot there when he grabbed me.

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Anonymous said...

You've got to get him fired. It shouldn't be too hard if you approach the corporate structure of Albertsons and let them know you have a wide internet audience. Also, look into filing a civil suit against that employee and see if you can get the tape of the indicent RELEASED. Also, get a copy of the police report which by law they MUST have made. In it the cops will have to have said there was NOTHING CONCLUSIVE on the tape and if the tape actually contridicts that you've got a sweet case against not only Albertson's but the cops. ~