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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally had it out with the b*tch next to me/ more on mold/Mike Judge is a sell out(well duh)

I finally had it with the woman next to me who hangs out with the woman I came in hear with as friends. It wasnt over that issue its becuz she has this manner about her that can be bitchy. Her and the other Girl #1 have been dominating the area lately and yes, that rubs in the incident but since I am more adult than that I ignore how I feel about that. But after being woken up this morning by them being loud talking to some other women and basically ignoring the women mentioning they woke me up (especially girl #1 who seems to think she is some genius smarter than other people...reads David Icke's books and cant seperate the info from the mis/dis info...point made.)

Then staff sprayed bleach near my bed. I mentioned it and they were very receptive. Like I said I am impressed with the staff in the Alpha Project. And they dont let clients touch the cleaning chemicals like at some other places I wont mention. These people are actually responsible.
It was Girl #2. She just could not shut up about "I like it, it smells good to me" and then mentioning that she is tired of smelling unclean women. If she was talking about me its doesnt apply becuz I shower everyday. THen eventually she comes out with that she doesnt want to smell p-ssy and she is sick of smelling it. "Unclean women" she stated in a phrase as a label I assume. It sounded like a preacher saying it, and that is often the way she ununciates her speech. With that kind of conviction. Annoying yes. But its intolerable when she is invalidating someone..THEN I have a problem with preacher girl.

I wont have my allergies invalidated by an ignorant laymen whos belief system is not based on logic. I have had by allergies and my mold exposure attempted to be invalidated by people alot scarier than her (like Olnick and thier people who as Lou Ghepetti put it "They tried to put you into a little cell so they didnt have to pay" for the damage to my health). I laughed once when an episode of King of the Hill had the little boy reciting that the US govt has established that mold exposure is harmless to humans..I immediately brought up my mental files concerning the military's use of mycotoxins for bio warfare, especially Yellow Rain, which burns the skin off the flesh of the enemy. Bobby Hill has alot to learn about life outside drinking bear on the corner and saying "yep" to each other. Ah but what do you expect from a guy like Mike Judge who works for MTV (mindless television) and sold out his generation by going from Beavis and Butthead to focusing on a TV show starring the old guy those two used to terrorize. Mike Hill is obviously based on the 'surviver of two foriegn wars' that caught Beavis 'thwacking' off in his trailer in the movie. Nice transition into adulthood dude. But watching Beavis and Butthead now watching the show outside of his clever self expression (basically talking to his selves as he does both characters) I see that he was always about chaos and spreading disorder. It has been said even on TV that he single handedly destroyed the band Winger, who I believe had a member that was from a more famous band prior, with just that t-shirt that nerd kid used to wear all the time that had the bands logo on it. Hmmmm.)

Anyway, the debate may roll on but its obvious who the interested parties are.

The people in denial who want mold to appear harmless to human beings are most likely real estate types and building owners. Do you realize how much money would have to be spent if the rest of the US had laws like CA does concerning mold levels in buildings for human habitation?(and yes I did just mention that to show there is a state setting a precedent.)
The people who want us to believe that all molds are harmful to every human beings in any dose are most likely the types to make money off of restorations and clean ups.

So you have two sides to the argument that are money driven.

It seems that only certain molds under certain conditions will affect only certain kinds of people, like infants, the elderly and the immuno deficient or comprimised. Certain people have allergies to molds as well.

That seems to be the reality of the situation opposed to a struggle akin to two animals fighting, which seems to be what Americans prefer as a reality opposed to solving anything or getting anything done or established.

So we got into it finally after I had it with this bl*ck bitch act she has all the time and told her that I will not be invalidated and that she is domineering and I am tired of it. She dominates the whole area and its gotten out of hand now that she is friends with A., and no one is going to like this but its true: when one kind of people get too numerous in a concentrated area they start to take over and think they can do as they please. Its only human nature and I have seen it many times before. One thing about human beings that makes my life easier as well as boring to tears is their predictability. You can always count on human beings to do the same stupid sh*t over and over again and not learn anything from it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the making fun of Winger? LOL. Not cool, I know, but Metallica was taking slams at Winger too. In the video for Nothing Else Matters, the band is throwing darts at a Winger poster, I believe. LOL again. But then, if you're a band like Winger, you've got not choice but to be made fun of, I suppose. Too clean cut and technical. Almost a hair band.

There's a clip on YouTube where Judge says Rob Zombie told him about a story where he found Kip Winger in a bar crying how Mike Judge ruined him. Not funny. But then, Judge pulled no punches, and made fun of Metallica (esp. Lars Urich) and also Axl and a few others. He was pretty much equal opportunist, and I'm certain he would have attacked Rob Zombie had White Zombie been more popular. You know the saying: those that live by the sword, die by the sword. Except if you're a perp, then the system makes sure you can't get back at the main abusers.

But then, I'm not sure I would have let something like that bother me. It's not like Winger was subjected to non-stop harassment 24/7. But then, the media is powerful like this, and that's why perps use the media.

Anonymous said...

Note at 4:45 how all those wrestlers just happened to be there at the crucial moment. Again, I dare anyone to try working that into a monologue. 4:30-4:32. Yeah, the who thing looks like real anger, but I believe Piper designed all of this to look spontaneous and real. Try to get away with what Piper says at 4:30 on and see what happens. Everything is so politically correct. Everyone is so careful not to offend anyone, but yet they can sure beat up on everyone else and keep the others down with their harassment.