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Thursday, March 18, 2010

gang stalking system working on TI weaknesses to further its destruction

yes I know that last post had my racial issues being from Boston rearing its ugly head.and thats strange to some people considering the girl I hang out with now is African American. But that is honestly how I feel and that is what this blog is about. Showing people the changes that one goes through as well as what happens to a TI start to finish. I shouldnt even be homeless to begin with. As for my own history of being messed with by people in black ghettos in Boston before I was targeted one of my dream projects was to get people with racial issues into a form of group interaction (NOT therapy as we are all tired of that industry treating us like children and lab rats) where things might be discussed and many people may come to an understanding with each other, but being a realist I know not ALL people would. But some would. Those are odds I am comfortable betting on.

However, pipe dreams of 'peace' born out of desperation that utilize social control tactics like Political Correctness are not about true understanding between is about fascism and a police state. Making people behave publically while not healing thier wounds privately creates only ONE condition: A COLD WAR.

Grow up and stop being delusional and a good little cult member as world peace or an NWO is not realistic and if it IS then you are a sucker working for the oppressor who is decieving you. Destroying people so they behave in the interest of peace for the larger mass is unacceptable.

Isnt obvious that the oppressor wants to block efforts at true healing or understanding so that control over a population can be gained by intimidation and fear?

I would rather see outright HONEST evil than the sick, sneaky cult minded bs that IS pc and the NWO.

And remember that making the TI into a monster by working on thier wounds is how the gang stalking system destroys its targets and gets them more smear to work with.

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