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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recall of people from the TI's past

Ha ha cute title.
OK tell the system or my brain to stop giving me flashes of my ex! Stooooop it. He doesnt exist! He's probaly on the Riveira somewhere with his Hollywood or other rich kid friends clicking glasses and lauffing about who they f*cked over to get where they are today.

Everyone I used to know waits for one thing and one thing only: for that wonderous moment when all the pressure and thier actions years ago pays off and I either finally off myself, get jailed or labeled complete with going into an institution.
Most likely by now they are all pretty satisfied with the railroading the system has done and they consider me officially 'out of the way' status. Everyone got what they 'paid for'. So why should I still be thinking about this guy I havent seen in years?

More torture thats why. How long has it been since I have seen this guy in person? Years. And for years I have to think about him everyday. Its just another way for this system to wear down the target's mind, like a raindrop on a rock wearing it into sand over time.

I moved my bed so I dont have to deal with that wench over there. Only 2 more weeks and I must decide to get a room and start assembling book or get on road again.

Hmph as if system will allow me to have any peace.

Watch if I get a new place: mysteriously a new very noisy contruction project that lasts for months will start on my street, or a new neighbor will move in and be noisy and unapologetic. Or the beep twice brigade will start driving by the place.

No matter where I have lived I have ALWAYS been targeted I just never realized that was what all that 'bad luck' was. Home entries, everything. And it made me nuts over the years so I dont want to hear about what a noisy neighbor I WAS. If people dont like it then they need to call the cops with a disturbing the peace not mess with me further.

I will never again be housed. I will write my book and I will plan a nice pyre. A needle in my arm, a gun to my head and a pyre out in an undisclosed desert location. This system and this world will NEVER complete thier behavior modification. Never.
My friend is watching O, Brother, Where Art Thou on her mini DVD player. Its interesting that the clan seems to hate Catholics as well as Jews and blacks. Thier main concern is thier heritage and thier "old tyme religion". This ties in closely with Nazi beliefs and I wonder how closely tied in the two are. What is more intesting is how many African Americans were involved in the gang stalking in large groups. Could they work with clan types or are all these groups part of some sort of big would be nice to know who is behind this once and for all.

How can one tell when one has perps making it clear that they are Satanists at first then there are heavy handed Christians? Some white supremisists with actual Brotherhood tattoos and then a large number of African Americans? Juggalos. A Catholic nun (New Mexico), or trust fund kid Jews? Its probably to make the TI look really nuts in the end. And its to confuse the TI and make them crazy over time due to the fact they can never know who was responsible for the harassment.


Medawar said...


It is becoming harder for UK police forces to turn a blind eye to malicious harassment.

In the USA, it will take some civil lawsuits, but there are many American lawyers who will jump on the bandwagon if the UK's IPCC starts one rolling. They are looking at charges for ten police officers who failed to help Fiona Pilkington in the face of prolonged harassment, too.

Wilful misconduct in a public office can get you two years jail time.

AJH said...

A suggestion; why don't you do a West Coast tour of TI's, even staying at their place for a week or so if invited, and do a video journal of their experiences as part of the book research.