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Thursday, March 11, 2010

School spies on students at home through laptops-REAL and DOCUMENTED case

This is not conspiracy theory and its not a movie its real.


Targeted Individuals who have survived and understand realistically thier situations, have been hip to these kinds of intrusions for years. We have understood for a long time the capacity of 'the system' as some of us call it as well as what its ends seem to be: social control or behavior modification.

Most people cannot say anything about this becuz they dont want to face what is happening to the world that hunans live in. Also its being done with such insanity attached to it, that the whole thing has an unbelievability to it.

This is why many TI's cant readily tell their stories..its true that we encounter harassment that makes getting anything done difficult but there is this internal conditioning that serves to keep us silent and it includes the reality that the world has not caught up to speed with TI's situations.

Seeing the changes over the past 10 years or so and looking at this article, its now obvious to me that TI's were and are silenced in part becuz we have experienced first hand the capability of this system and if we tell our stories or are believed at all it will warn the general public who are slowly being drawn into these conditions as a reality of thier world. WE know from experience that it goes waaaayyyy deeper than this and the system has capabilities that most people wud not believe exist. Whoever it is behind this military or whatever, has the ability to do worse than just spy on you at home.

How naive are you? I have been covering up the webcam on my computer with a cute Pucca sticker for months now..why? Becuz I am paranoid? No, becuz I felt spied on. And in MY particular situation, that is not paranoia. I figure with all that has happened, why wouldnt they try to catch a glimpse of me via an easy access point like this one..duh. You HAVE to remember when dealing with this system perps are lazy and they like anything that is easy.
They also readily percieve all the people they are spying on as lab rats or in a lesser postion of power/vulnerable due to the target being under thier control. This makes them loose sight often of THIER vulnerabilites as well as YOUR ability to outsmart them or protect yourself.

In the years to come its going to become very clear that Targeted Individuals in this era were not paranoid, as it becomes clearer all the time of the existence of a system that can control human beings via superior technology,manpower and a highly educated force of people who obviously are trained in psychology and psychological warfare.

You better learn to start reverting back to the only things that make you truly human: your psychic abilities, intuition and fight for survival, becuz this system is going to rear its ugly head more as the years pass. However, unlike TI's the public is obviously being isolated so slowly as a group that they dont notice or are traumatized into compliance. TI's have been hijacked and basically shown the system in all its 'glory' so there is no slow indocturination of us as a population. Our heads have been smashed so to speak, and we had to very quickly reconstruct our minds to deal with that trauma from this system.

I am slowly seeing that Targets are not a downtrodden population of people who 'dont matter' and are to be ignored and shunned; the Losers.

With things going in the direction they are it seems that we are people who have been exposed to this system heavily and quickly and survived mentally, emotionally and spiritually with our Will intact to continue to fight its effects.

Its no wonder they want to keep us silenced or discredited.


  1. Saw your post about the people coughing suspiciously. check this.

    Then two men walk by make loud throat clearing sound look in my direction & spit on lawn. Friday May 13th Evening. Great Scott's in Brighton. ...


  2. Interesting that they were being punished for things they were doing in the privacy of their own homes. Imagine that. These are things TI's are very familiar with.

  3. Great Scotts in Brighton...is that Brighton MA? Cuz actually that is known as the Allston burough of Boston. Ha ha, I remember being brought in there by bouncers or my crazy legbreaker 6'10" uncle in the 70's as a baby, when Pizzeria Uno (joke) was Ken's Pub where my mother bartended. I cant believe that place is still there..and that sounds typical for that area of Allston. I was so familiar with the area that I have Boston down to mini sections as far as gang stalking experiences. Every 'neighborhood' is actually different in severity, style as well as influence of tech. Boston...geez. An informant told me basically to get the hell out of there as the sh*t going on there now is wayy out of control. Its outrageous.

    I remember when the 70's was over and all the artistry and refinement left the city in the 90's. People were leaving like crazy. You didnt see models like in NY running down the street anymore in dresses holding thier hats..they started to get rid of the old structure and gentrify one of the greatest cities in the USA that never needed to be modified to be impressive to begin with. Its the saddest thing in my life to have watched that city 'die' for the NWO. One sure sign of change was when they painted over the silouette of Great Scott's, formerly an impression of a fine gentleman and after the repainting (mid 90's?) he looks like a college jock on steroids. Yep, the artists were leaving and the cowboys were coming in..and one cud see it in the little things like that.

  4. Thanks for the reflection on Boston. I've never been that far south from my home of Toronto, but I can relate since the same garbage happened to the north shore of Lake Ontario, only in a Canadian kind of way. Neat highways lined with big box stores and large clumps of housing developments. Really ugly. I came out west to get away from it. Now it's happening here.
    Being in a computer-related profession, I can say that you're right about blocking your web-cam. There's a lot the average person doesn't know about the software on their "personal" computer.
    The perping I've endured over the past 3 years have put me in a Luddite frame of mind. Since I've been able to ignore the stalkers for the most part, a greater part of the control is through the use of technology, DEW's and such. So now I carry a hardcover notebook around in which I pencil notes and the odd cartoon.