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Friday, June 3, 2011

Yesterday a nasty woman tried to infer that my situation was due to 'they' wanting to prevent my having that one shot in life. She reminds me of my mother in alot of ways and so we know what's wrong there then.

But DNA doesn't fail us in these battles and her close resemblance to my great Nanna from Cork has its significance.

Her actions were helpful. It made me realize just how many people honestly still only believe the cover story.

People don't want to believe in complicated scenerios even if evidence is there for that.

She was talking about a well known now deceased fashion designer from the 20s which I had read a book on years ago. At conversations end, she stated that this designer wasn't to be trifled with and no one was going to take away her one shot in life.

She then said "but (unintelligible), they just CRUSHED her".

I didn't need to hear the name it didn't matter. It was the way it was said and it was WHAT was stated..and inferred.

Once again, the big They are crushing people and covertly interfering in altering lives and entire time lines with their actions.

Perps often make allusion to the existence of the gs system as long as it can be placed in brainwashing tactics that are to take away from the TI believing the true reasons for the covert action.

Either that or the public really wants to believe those cover stories becuz it gives them power to be in with the Mob Rules.

This woman grows and deals pot so once again we have drugs involved with perps. Being a long time Cambridge resident I am sure she k.kws some.crooked cops.

The public want to believe that 'They' are actualy that powerful even though when one.uses logic one can plainly see that sic a system is highly illegal and would never exist without the knowledge and blessings of state actors.


  1. Mob Rule. It's about letting ones passion guide their actions instead of logic.

    The Salem Witch Trials, in which the unified belief of the townspeople overpowered the logic of the law, has also been cited as an example of mob rule.[3] In 1837, Abraham Lincoln wrote about lynching and "the increasing disregard for law which pervades the country--the growing disposition to substitute the wild and furious passions in lieu of the sober judgment of courts, and the worse than savage mobs for the executive ministers of justice."


    Modern theory concludes that since Roman guards, facing crucifixion for disobedience, could be swayed by mobs, it is also possible to sway modern police, even in a police state.

  2. It was more like you never had a chance, because you were being hounded and kept down from day 1. I can see your point now -- 'they' and their actors are always trying to put ideas into targets' heads as to why they were targeted. The real reason is that 'they' don't want to fail, and they know if they don't keep on a target from before they were born, they may never get their chance to thrive.

    And of course They need mind control and torture as well as mob rule to ensure their survival. I think we as targets need to keep them in line. As far as the duped Mobs, well, stupid is as stupid does. They wanted to remain ignorant and not see the whole picture. So we have the right to disregard them as a bunch of mindless monkeys doing the work of scared corruption afraid of exposure.

  3. I can't believe that 'they' would be mad at you for not accepting your 'situation'. What a load of bollocks. Typical arrogance from perps. They forget that we the targets live in a democratic country, not one run by criminal syndicates with ties to nonconsensual human experimentation. It is also not run by mob rule either. So maybe YOU should be MAD AT THEM for 'they' not accepting these simple facts. Imagine the audacity and arrogance of that attitude, of expecting targets to live up to perps', the system, and the mob's expectations. I tell them well then get on our level, bitches, and don't expect us to stoop to yours.

  4. But it IS run by all the things you just mentioned. The democracy part of it is an official line and to fool the gullible public.