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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Young TI Distraught And Clueless

"Well I contacted u a while back im 18 and homeless and targeted Im scared and I asked u for advice and u just ignored me. U dont care about TIs anymore u dont even take the chance to talk to me because u dont wanna waste ur time because I might be a perp so u just dont answer well thats fucked up.. hows that work ur gonna not hekp other targets to save urself a little time wtf that means they are winning and blocking u Idk what to do now I have a car but its so cold in the northeast the police here always harass me Im so cold and they wont let me stay at the shelter cause im a drug felon my bf is in jail I knoe they just wanna put me back in jail im so scared theyre gonna kill me tjeres a young cop he keeps threatening me he likes harassing me its like 10 below outside I have nowhere to go the girl said I csnt stay in this mcdonalss after closing Im in rural area I have no where go i might die maybe ill just refuse and go back to jail I know that's what they want I csnt get a job I on Police Department Rewards Officer Caught By An Online Pedophile Sting With Full Retirement Benefits
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on 1/7/14"

I'm not ignoring anyone I'm just so heavily targeted I can't read emails especially after 10 years of this, 8 of which homeless carrying a heavy backpack traveling the middle age. With pre existing health issues.

I do what I can.

This is pretty much an 'you're on your own' situation. The structure of this blog is supposed to exemplify that. To give TIs an alternative to FFCHs type activist groups or in addition to the TI community which this psy ops, Intel network mess peppered with some percentage of genuine victims is referred to as.

Its like the gladiator fights in Rome, kid. You fight til the death and become a champion...or someone else does its all up to you. And you will get murdered in the arena when u get old who cares?

Its up to the individual TI how badly they want to continue to utilize this vessel in order to complete some necessary mission or simply not die (leave said vessel) to piss people off or just to see how much revenge you can gain in what life is remaining in the vwssel. They wouldn't allow you to exist or grow or live and enjoy life or reach your potential? Why not stick around to see if you can extract payment from any part of this system? Its up to you to make excuses to stay alive and not suicide. We ALL know suicide would be way more sensible than suffering daily for years on end while having to live a double life for the stupid public.

Its on you to use what other TIs leave behind to build your own battle station, armour, weapons and troops as well as strategies for defense.

Her 18. You can have a lot of good life before it really sets in that you never were allowed to have one.

Good luck and enjoy yer 20s. Those years are really one's life. After that your just hanging around for some other purpose...of which u have to decide.

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mej313 said...

I know my suggestion is maybe close to impossible to achieve, but it's like there has to be a way to form resistance to this endless worldwide sickness. But I write to you often because I think all access to any other targets has been blocked, and I realize how you might get offended, but your agenda appears to be something like "white power" which I obviously can't participate in, since I am a target because my family sold out to "white power" groups and still do. I just can't do it. I don't know exactly what your affiliations are, but I think if you want to form resistance you cannot discriminate against people on basis of color, you have to discriminate on basis of mentality--obviously, I know you are aware of all that. I don't know that you actually would discriminate against "minorities" but you do revere white people to a huge extent--I understand that you have had to live like a gladiator in an arena of a fight to the death, and any allegiance which may promise any amount of shelter is welcome--any support is necessary for survival. I have been so endlessly attacked by blacks all these years, who acted as puppets for those pulling their strings--even in the heyday of the 70's they were really just as they are today, vicious puppets. The blacks who were really politically conscious are dead or gone in some way by now, what's left seems to be the "house slaves" and it's even worse with Latinos. So if any sort of community of targets is possible where there literally is a lie detector test to see who is fake and who is real, if somehow that could be possible---it would have to be done with as much unity as possible. The Constitution was really based on equality--if police injustice is allowed to happen to some segments of the US citizenry, as has happened for so many years, then inevitably as is happening now, the injustice will go unchecked to poor whites, and then middle class whites, until no one can stand up to them any longer. Justice has to be for all, or it's going to be for none. My "lecture" because I have no blog, I'm always shitting mind control p oisons out of my body and laying in bed sick ---surrounded by sick creeps torturing my body night and day while laying there sick--gang stalked endlessly by a few hundred people every time I go any place--it's utterly disgusting and sick, so I can just be a sort of bedside preacher who may not have a clue, but offering suggestions and ideas, although you may not welcome it, I hope you do not reject what I say but consider it