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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Perp Had Audacity To Try To Guilt Me About Confidentiality In Mentioning Locations or Identities(Even Partially)

Today at the women's drop in I mentioned one of the ladies (alot of us arent really 100% sure actually but we play along) started doing a directed conversation about confidentiality in the place, how we want it there etc. Out of nowhere of course.

Didnt allow it, not in the mood for it, feeling very grim lately due to constant daily overcast in mid winter now- feeling most depressed and vulnerable in years. Cant afford any bullsh*t. I diverted it until it went away the topic. Then I stated that if people want respect they need to give respect.

Its so typical that everyone who has watched me deteriorate over the years in these places as well as new comers there are so concerned with the drama or protecting the status quo even while innocent lives are being destroyed. Go f*ck yourselves.

What about MY confidentiality? I dont really have any if there are a bunch of strangers involved in knowing information about me they shouldnt have access to and being involved in a perp group that follows me from the drop in to the shelter at that time the bulk of these people like Lisa were around.

People have left OTR complaining that the same crowd isnt there anymore and its not like it used to be. Oh, you mean you cant get away with being total self absorbed c*nts and be in on bogus fake investigations only meant to destroy innocent people you simply dont like, while of course the real criminals are all kept protected becuz they can pay off the cops? Seriously??? That is HOW SERIOUS human beings are in communities about mobbing a person who's a threat even if that person is the victim and the truly bad people are guilty.

Many of these places have employed actual human beings who arent raving self righteous murderous sneaky weak assholes who hide behind the status quo and help the US commit war crimes. Some of these people are still so naive they actually believe that I AM PLAYING THEM. They believe I am mentally ill or making all this up or that I am somehow still trying to escape responsibility for what they believe is the truth- the cover story usually, all becuz they arent of high enough intelligence to understand whats really going on or they are again of low intelligence and thier only power trip is to be able to destroy a person's life, along with thier mob of course.

I know this city well enough to know all along Ive known that these places are only concerned with NOT GETTING SUED. Boston is money and thats all these assholes ever have or ever will care about. They want to be seen as so Liberal and traditionally sympathetic to slavery abolishion but thats becuz they were always real good at hiding thier slave trade routes- for rum and bibles. This is what this area of the country has always done to hide thier own crimes. Every single one of these people know they are not or never have been operating off of being right or just- they are operating off of might  makes right and some twisted sense of me being a powerless nobody up against the likes of Harvard, MIT, the military-medical-prison-securities complex, powerful people in this city and others, etc etc. One big joke and one that they think they can either silence forever and watch fade away or push until she snaps.

This is your America you are so vehement about defending. This is what all those soldiers and the 9-11 victims (and the 9-11 murdered witnesses) died for. A bunch of spoiled rotten, uppity, lying deceptive underachievers who have only as much power as they can muster collectively breaking the law in the interest of corrupt authority. This is why people think America sucks. This is why the rest of the world hates us. This is WHY lone shooters snap or people commit crimes based on being under pressure.

There is no law and order in the USA anymore. Only the law of the jungle and whatever authorities want to go thier way. George HW Bush seemed to have it backwards when he made his NWO speech: he promised that the world would become law and order not law of the jungle.

The country has basically gone from being on the verge of an evolution to having the clock turned back decades if not centuries.

This  is what happens when the smart people have the common people run things for them. Not the intelligent people. Its us they want to destroy.

Speaking of privacy one of the things Lisa did once that pissed me off so much that was so arrogant was actually bring up conversation about split personalities and some movie she saw about a dancer with such a condition (a total psy ops movie I wisely avoided: the ballet dancer in the movie had Norwegian black metal style corpse paint on her eyes- that was clue enough it was going to be a mind fuck and nothing else.)

Its as if these stupid people barely understand MK Ultra or any of the depth of what they are dealing with but they are given free reign to torment the Survivor with this obvious ignorance as part of a harassment campaign.  Confidentiality? SO I am harassed out of actually being able to see a therapist for years on end and its really screwed me up but common people who are doing this out of community harassment as well as trying to get housing for themselves as reward are privvy to information about my psychological condition???? Something only my therapist shouold know? And thats ok to discuss in front of everyone in a drop in center?

The problem is that psychological operations have been handed over to the common man who, the experts know will mishandle and rip the Targeted Survivor to shreds like a bunch of wild careless animals handling a priceless, fragile object. Of course thats the result they want anyway and it just make thier job easier if the animals get to marvel over you while they torment you daily and of course never really understand the subject matter in depth nor care about the victim at all.

Imagine if scientists brought in apes to destroy something more quickly that they needed destroyed  or broken down so they could rebuild it afterwards which is basically what MK Ultra is anyway. And humans dont do right Ive noticed, unless authorities are holding them responsible anyway.

SO its been a living nightmare. But Ive resigned myself to understand that most of humanity are just animals and I should just give up taking it personally if they want to conduct themselves in such a way then thats on them. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Laws are supposed to protect me against such things but the abuse of power comes in throwing me to such animals without being able to have rights like normal people. So the human animals acting like our violent, careless greedy common ancestors do just as you would expect them to. Be destructive and selfish.

This is why America is done. Lawlessness and might makes right. Corruption and abuse of power. Thats all thats left now. And the common man left in charge like a house slave for the corrupt abusive power structure.

Remember always that, this situation would have overwhelmed most people. That I am not weak so much as I was put into a situation I could not possibly win or get out of and I was stripped of all my human and civil rights and left without counsel, recourse or protection. There is absolutely no way I could have done any better at this or won. And the only way for most of these people to NOT believe thats true, is to disbelieve at least officially the truth about what happened.

As far as I can see in circumstances like this, there is no law and order and humans dont have a law abiding civilized society at all. It seems they only have such a thing when it suits them. In situations like these they just do as animals do. Which means all law, order and civilization are illusions.


Anonymous said...

It's sadly true. Just remember though, this is the new WORLD order, not just America. Don't think for a nanosecond that these systems of control of targets AND perps (because it controls them as well) won't be implemented everywhere if they have their way. It's the equivalent of the modern day brownshirt of nazi germany really. Sadly, i believe this form of oppression has always existed in one form or another, having been applied explicitly in the past or covertly in the the present.

mej313 said...

The mind control weapons and gang stalking groups have made sure that law and order have been turned into a charade in the US. This is exactly the case in Europe, they just have a history of pretending to be polite, and when their particular form of genocide pops up it's even more violent and hedonistic and ugly than the American version that you are experiencing. This is the direct result of the implementation of these technologies and not what human nature is, it's what violence has created to usurp law and order and kill off whistleblowers and innocent people who want a more equal society.

It's what is called "The lowest common denominator rising to the top", due to these weapons that are hidden from public view (ie. V2K) and how everything from human behavior to the weather is being altered, controlled and manipulated with all the people against their system getting killed off silently under the guise of the law---

The thugs have taken over, in short.