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Monday, January 6, 2014

Creepy Butch Female Whole Foods Employee In Cambridge MA Stalks Me Consistently At Checkout

Uh, why are Whole Foods markets especially in Boston area so heavy into GS? Its been ridiculous for years now. I mean, seriously, I swear they had outright agents working at the one in Brighton on Washington St years ago when this first started. Really ridiculous people that would address me by my first name in a stern and controlling fashion when I didnt even know who they were.

This butch looking tall thin female employee in the Whole Foods on Prospect in Cambridge MA always comes to the front of the store when I am there and hovers there as I pay for my things at the register.
She actually used her smartphone to take a picture of me tonight around 10:15 pm. I watched her do it.

I even asked her if thats what she did and she denied it, I was in my pajamas as I just did laundry which consists of a pair of pajama bottoms with the Xmas Grinch on them.

If this is their campaign there to try to intimidate homeless people to make them stay out of the store I can prove Im not homeless and crazy- just a targeted genius and find out where she lives, where her possible grandchildren go to school...all that fun stuff Italians do when we meet someone that we feel is a disrespecting asshole and possible threat to our..'empires' if you will.

She certainly is a stupid son of a bitch WASP bitch who needs to stop trying to be sneaky- she's horrible at it. And I can make her life miserable...and if I dont do it...the people who protect me and read this blog WILL. They seem to LOVE to make certain people's lives' miserable...ha.

Whole Foods needs to realize its not the Bush era anymore. You cant just do what you want. These are war crimes now and more people are aware of that. Just via Wiki Leaks and Snowden.  This local-yocal bitch needs to get out of her time machine and live in the now. Its not the early 2000's anymore.

And knowing she's doing this consistently, that means all I have to do is have someone watching for HER next time with a camera or myself.

She's an idiot. Make her stop or I am going to crush the bitch..and I dont mean physically. I mean with my intelligence...or something much more unbelievable and effective. She might just have a mishap..accidents happen to people that truly offend me.

Becuz someone alot more powerful than I or insects like this bitch wants this book written. And anyone who gets in the way of me delivering the information from point A to B is going to be...dealt with. Im just a messenger. However, the people or whatever forces that I am delivering for...seem omnipotent and have great power.

Get this ugly scrawny bitch off my ass or she's gone. My way or 'thier' way. And you will wish I dealt with her first....hmph.

The local c*nts known as Whole Foods can f*ck off. The worst ones are this one on Prospect st in Cambridge, that one on Washington St in Brookline/Brighton and the one thats in Symphony. They are still just sooooo awful. There are ALWAYS perps in there but they are usually stupid kids so easy to ace. How good can you actually be at psych warfare at 20?

F*ck Off.

And if you want this post to be evidence of me being a dangerous, delusional schizo let me tell you about the clients that my old friend had in this area and how my sanity was never in question before she was surrounded by a federal investigation where I could be harassed into testifying so had to be discredited (thats just the cover story!). I have an old phonebook still. I havent been brain damaged so much that I forget all the names and details.

Looks like the a-holes are closing in again and have to be backed off ...again. I'll never be discredited on this issue, as long as that bitch I used to know still answers a phone and there are phone records.

BTW I dont respond to harassment, should have been issued a subpeona if authorities were truly trying to solve crime. They arent and werent- they are trying to cover up for massive continued projects like MK Ultra and other unethical human experimentation- as well as see if they can get people to become informants for them.

Again, f*ck off.

Give the public the info you are holding concerning 9-11 and then I will believe you are about justice and the law.

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