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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Harassment In HSHS (Lutheran) From Black Male Client

Theres an African American guy in here, wearing black and red of course, light skinned with a southern accent. Every time he is in here he usually makes little asides and snide remarks but has never come after me the way he just did.

It makes me wonder if he isnt part of the little gang stalking clique, of which most are now either gone or dont mess with me anymore but there is never any shortage of scum of the earth with a record to get paid or to get a reduced sentence to harass a female TI, something they would be doing anyway, which is why they are in trouble to begin with.

Right after I told him off he escalated so I asked him loudly how many sex offenses he has on his record and how long is his rap sheet. The jerk backed right down then of course had to attempt to escalate again. Security told him that indeed, he shouldnt have his food on the computer table (he started off the harassment theatre by invading my personal space and of course, by being ignorant which worked- for a minute.)

Then one of the female staff who with security, know me from years of going through being homeless and possibly, that I am targeted I dont know, but they know that alot of these guys are predators and offenders possibly so they are cautious especially if in the time Ive been here there hasnt been a problem but suddenly there is with this new person present or a person who is in here infrequently.

This new staff are better. Just like all the homeless places have cleaned up their acts in the past few years.

So she's listening and he keeps his mouth going, continuing and being abusive. Making real stupid threats about seeing me outside frequently (oh, so you see me in the area around? Then that means you might be stalking me. What does your criminal record say? Becuz hearing those threats I was about to start taking legal actions or call police or report him. Sounds like a stalking situation. The cops would be more than happy to check him out if he's doing something like that.)

Then he begins asking this very uninterested nice black man who minds his business in here if I am a man or a woman. Then starts insulting gay people by saying to him I must be butch. The staff is listening to all this around the corner. (Southern black males for some reason always fall back on being threatened by lesbians for some reason, thus using any masculinity a female has to attempt such an insult. Which might work down south but its a joke up here becuz the northeast is so gay friendly.)

She finally comes around the corner and takes him for a talk in the other room.

He might just be a totally ignorant piece of sh*t who thinks that he can act out in this environment becuz its easy and he obviously has prior issues with being abusive to women and most likely a record due to his response to my bringing it up.

But then again, knowing the way this system works, I know that 'bait and wait' is one of the number one tactics.

And I also know that some changes have come about and the way the system comes at me is also changing. Locally they are going for the throat in a very sneaky way. Every since Walsh become mayor, one of the old cops in Harvard just retired and they made this Italian cop (Mike something) in Harvard detective. Funny, he was the cop that those two detectives contacted to ask if I hung in Harvard, after they stalked me in thier car and I photographed them doing it, and, after everyone realized I had evidence and was showing it to a retired cop to ask advice, suddenly I am cleared by this cop who's trying to make detective. I get the feeling that they wouldnt have bothered to call and ask about me at all- unless I took pics.)

As far as I am concerned this guy knows SOMETHING about me. Either the cover story and he's just a prick who thinks I am an easy target or he knows the entire situation and he's apro acting stupid like a common criminal. And getting something out of it.

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Anonymous said...

They were very insane during Bush. But I feel that a lot of us aced the system during that time period. The fact that we've made it this far is proof of that. If they didn't make you go lone shooter or do something outrageous to go to prison or have their SHILL psychiatrists get you hooked on meds for the purpose of destroying your mind, then you've aced the system. I feel now is another phase. In my case, I've made it through with some damage, but I feel I've aced that period. Now it seems they are going after TI's like us to see if they can finish us. Or maybe we are entering another phase of their experimentation? In many ways, though, it seems like certain things have not changed. There is still the intense gangstalking and the huge number of perps, but there doesn't seem the effort to kill us off like during Bush, though.

For me, the system is all about bowing down to jealous powerful people who rule via fear and jealousy, and I am not going to bow down to people who I feel are lacking compared to me and are compensating by sending clones of themselves at the street level. True strength wins out over jealous overpowering numbers every time. That's why we're still here.