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Friday, January 10, 2014

Could Forced Conversion Of Europeans To Christianity In Middle Ages Have Been Primer For NWO?

How much easier has it been for Europeans to be destroyed by immigration becuz they are Christians?

We are talking about many countries that had different yet sometimes similar pagan religious systems. And Christianity is but one religion that each separate country and culture has been converted to by force in the middle ages.

Much of the coercion used to force conversion to the Middle Eastern foreign religion was done by the church or rather the power centers in Rome.

The tactics that were used are the same things being used today to force people to accept the NWO. The Inquisition tortured and spied on people and seems like a primer to make Europeans more malleable for something like the NWO today.

The people doing this do think that far ahead. It would not be unthinkable for such forces to see this far into the future to enslave humanity by first destroying Europeans with religion then using a weakened European people as pawns to enslave humanity (now via forced immigration). The forced conversion to Christianity was very similar to implementing the NWO nowadays.

Giving up individual identities and pagan belief systems in order to assimilate into being Christian. Now countries are going to lose thier identities so they can be more easily converted...into a sort of slavery that is not going to be woken up from as easily.

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mej313 said...

Feminist writer Andrea Dworkin(who I believed was a target who was poisoned/drugged to death I believe in exactly the way they have tried doing to m e -- after she was targeted and discredited but never publicly made any statement about being stalked but she obviously was) wrote a short easy-to-read book called "Women Hating", in which she describes the burning of " witches" during the Inquisition--like a few million women were burned in the course of 500 years by the Church. She also details foot binding in China-- all these various forms of brainwashing and torture that are sim ilar to what people are undergoing now--despite all the hell we experience, I think the old torture weapons are worse...

Actually, the torture machines used during the Inquisition I have personally seen in an exhibition, and these are the most horrifying torture apparatus weapons I've ever seen. The Iron Maiden is just horrific, up close it's just indescribably unChristian in application--of course there's a big Cross on top of all the torture ma chines used in the MIddle Ages--but these are huge laquered wooden implements that are meant to make the victim absolutely immoveable--just huge wooden beams, with laquer that no liquid could ever dissolve or tarnish. The exhibition was in Venice, by the way, just made me think of Dante, not of Heaven but of Hell, which the Italians seem to have created and brought to EArth in these types of Inquisitional parties (for them)al ong with their fucing nasty Church and it's pr actices for the last few hundred years. Also there's a great movie I love called The Devils (but the book is much better, written by Aldous Huxley--called The Devils of Loudon). Huxley goes into detail about brainwashing in this book--it's very difficult to write the hacking is extremely bad, you can see the plethora of typos