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Thursday, January 16, 2014

System Seems To Be Going For The Throat

They either pushing me to do something or take some sort of action or they are much more serious now about coming after me or I dont have the protection I had. Something is different compared to what it was just last year.

I found out that the local cops put it out into our friends in Harvard that my companion was arrested last year for messing with kids. I looked up my friend last night and he genuinely is in legal trouble for not registering here for a charge from when he was 14. And I talked to his mother. She framed it a little better. It all makes more sense now.
She also told me that he was coerced into registering here to begin with by his ex mother in law who said it was a condition of seeing his kid when he was with his wife. Then, after he did so, his wife's family went against him and either they or the state or both said he couldnt see his son at all.

This matches up with what he has told me.

He and his mother also said that his ex mother in law had connections to the DA and that is how they dug this up on him to begin with.

What strikes me about that theory about it being a plot (of evil design) of some sort is the way the cops are handling his recent arrest. Allegedly they 'mentioned' to a few people on the night of the arrest (or someone did) that he was arrested last year for a sex offense. That is not what is on the internet. The only charge is the old one. Why wouldnt cops or anyone else making such a claim know that from what the cops themselves have posted on the offender database?

Also its claimed that the arresting cop screamed at him when he arrested him saying "I dont want to see you out here again!"

Strange, becuz the homeless in Harvard have plenty of jerks running around who are unsavory characters. He wasnt one of them. The old homeless crowd from years ago was full of males who, though well behaved, were very much the profile of the sex offender on the street. There are alot of sex offenders in the homeless scene.

It could be that the cops just want any excuse to get anyone out of here who has a record that looks bad, though they might not know exactly what the whole story is. However, it does seem that other people who are offenders who mule drugs or drug dealers out here who magically never get arrested or when they do never are detained for long-dont get as much crap as this one cop likes to give to my friend.


Also, as someone with first hand experience, this city if full of powerful, rich perverts and probably pedophiles. They pay off cops in Xmas cards. Some of them ARE cops, detectives etc.
Just like the perverts who stalked me that day and I took photos of them!! Yeah, like those guys!

It would seem that when you cant afford to pay of cops or when you dont deal drugs for them or provide illegal sexual activities that whatever dirt they have on you is quite a big deal. Becuz then, you become a useful idiot. A diversion so that it looks like they are doing thier jobs, so that it appears that all the BAD GUYS are the obvious poor, homeless people you can see. Instead of the ones who never get caught who are hiding very well in every city in the US. Becuz they are smart predators and can afford it.

Thus, I dont think what is happening to my friend is fair. Yes, he's a screw up who didnt follow the laws and smokes too much pot. But it seems like the system is taking advantage of that and using him. It could even be that its becuz he was around me.

Something kept telling me not to walk away from this situation. To keep trying to help out. Its like it relates to the rest of the corruption in this area. Its time for it to come to a conclusion.


Anonymous said...

Please look up the term "bumper lock surveillance." This is the official term the FBI uses for gang stalking.

mej313 said...

I did a tarot reading on it, he will be okay in the end --there will be justice in some way for you. Hope it comes out as I have seen in the cards--it advises you to follow your instincts and listen to your self, as you've been doing.

Anonymous said...

The low level stuff with payoffs and favors is just the corruption part that the Elite allow to happen, I feel, to smoke screen this grand plan they have. There seem to be parties at higher levels with a very well-scripted plan, and they know exactly what they want. It seems they are like teachers with lesson plans; TI's like us, some of us, they have a roap map all planned out for how they'd like us to wind up. They let the criminals run around at low to mid levels to help provide smoke screening for what theyare up to and to "show" that there is a need for the extensive surveillance and a need for something like the NWO. It's like setting all the dogs free to show everyone they need stricter leash laws that they can tailer to their liking.

Anonymous said...

Also, a lot of these "elite" are deceptive with their clean-cut appearance. They might be very trashy people trying to maintain a clean appearance. How many in the entertainment industry look so glamorous, and yet have serious issues with drug addiction? To take an example, because the powers want everyone to fall for the deceptions that appearances are everything. And they've done that to me, too. I've found a "buddy" here, and so far, I've gotten ideations she's a druggy, in trouble for DUI, or the latest is she's "stupid". So yeah, they want us to remain isolated by painting a picture of the partner being unsatisfactory character-wise or personality-wise. The truth is, as targets, we have to use our own intuition, and not what certain factions are telling us. I trust nothing in directed conversations. My reasoning is, why are they having conversations outside of minding their own business? So any conversation where it's not normal personal stuff they're talking about is pure trash and should be ignored. Directed conversations exist to manipulate and direct.

Anonymous said...

Gang-stalkers/police give their girlfriends permission to poison off husbands by using antifreeze in coffee pots and police cover up victims calls for help and deny victim any form of emergency help from any and all hospitals!

Are you aware that when I go to this webpage that my Malwarebytes pro has to block a malicious webpage from loading?

I am filly aware of law enforcement gang-stalking people and would not be the slightest surprised that law enforcement has connected your wordpress page with a malicious website.

Just thought I would try to warn you about it in case you dif not know about it, I would not be surpeised if they were doing the same thing to my wordpress account as well.