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Monday, January 13, 2014

GS Is Bad Again In This Area, Could Be Due To My Making Positive Changes

The harassment is very bad again now. Every since my recent companion was arrested. Everything from perps in stores crossing my path around corners to the typical tradesman driving by breaking his neck trying to look at me as i wait to cross the street.

I feel like my brain is slowly deteriorating. Melting. And I am very subdued for some reason.  It could be the intestinal flu cuz i had to go to the hospital. But they may be trying to stop me from making changes in my life.

When I was in bed in the emergency room dehydrated, docs trying to stabalize me- I was dreaming about glasses of water. Green juicy apples.
After all that food came up especially from the middle of my stomach I realized that I simply eat too much.  I didnt realize that much food could be in those tubes known as intestines.

Ive been enjoying cutting out certain foods and feeling better. They might have noted me doing this and dropping weight and want to stop it. For some reason its very standard for formerly attractive older female Targets to be driven to being fat or overweight.

It also feels like that recent viruses one catches and has to go through as a sickness..that there is some element of biowarfare to it. Cud just be I am getting older with comprimised health. Yet, it does seem that many of these sicknesses and its specifically what I catch in the northeast if I am home, do things to not only the body temporarily but to the mind-permanently. Could viruses be delivery systems for other things designed to permanently disable a population? 

Its going further every day- the idea that the USA is done and its time to go to Europe. Being shown all of the mistakes that the US is and has been all along. All the illusions I was living being raised here for so many wasted years.  Its sad and frightening to see one's birthplace rippped apart but its the truth- much of our culture is foreign trickery and its meant to keep us down nothing else.

Then again, I probably wouldnt be getting any of these ideations if it wasnt for being in the city limits of metro Boston. So these lessons in themselves are from trickery. Though they may be true.

I suppose that if the USA isnt going to go back to being what it was then there is no point in staying. If people are going to remain asleep. The NWO is just as bad in Europe especially with the forced mass immigration.

The system keep pulling up ramdomized memories- not randomly mind you, they are memories that I wouldnt have been able to pull up myself if it werent for the system in this area. Each one seems to be pulled up and run through to make me recall the abuses of these last ten years. As if now I am being pushed to do something about it.
Key incidents where someone did or said something that make me realize the situation is as bad as it seems. Yet, im always being stopped from taking action or writing my book some other forces. It really at this point depends on location- even which building I am in- what institution or area of the city.

Central Sq Cambridge has nothing but bad intentions. The Whole Foods there is awful full of the world's biggest assh*les who are snooty and theres sometimes a perp who acts out like that creepy dykish woman last week. Whole Foods really is as bad as Walmart and Target- worse in some ways due to the overtness of the gang stalking throughout the years. They act like they dont have to be careful like other stores.
Its only specific ones that are heavily involved but all have horrid environments when u go in there. Granted not as bad as Walmart.

Most stores selling food are involved in gang stalking. Most chain stores generally now are involved. Independent ones usually dont have any gang stalking or effects from the camera systems and thats all around the USA. The exceptions are in the Boston area EVERY store is involved.

Whats happening is my thoughts are being manipulated and guided to take a certain action as opposed to my mind just thinking as one would normally. I wonder often why the system wants me to get a lawyer so badly and go after whoever I can for whats happened. It seems that this system wouldnt want me gaining anything at all in life. Considering what they've been doing to me for years now. Why would they want me to get lawyers and try to get justice for myself?

Its totally strange to me. It occurs to be that its nothing but a trap. Its gotta be. Why would this system help me accomplish such a thing? I dont get it. Unless some other forces have now taken over or are influencing events and doing so differently.

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