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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gang Stalked On Friday Night At Suffolk County Jail Lobby Boston

I actually got GS at the lobby of the Suffolk county jail.  (January 24th, 2014, 7:39 pm). Will publish photos asap.

White yuppie, dark hair and eyes with glasses in a yellow jacket. Two blacks, one wearing red with unkempt, afro like hair the other in black, shaved head.

Got harassed by the white guy first so I moved. Then the two black guys positioned themselves onto benches so they could stare at me, and make it obvious  they were conversing about me, all the way over the other side of the lobby which I moved to. I was sitting on the heater on the window so as to be out of site which didn't work.

Later I saw these three talking to each other and no one else.

They continued with what seemed like a prison yard intimidation, standing against the glass walls of the lobby and the black guy in red kept walking to look at me sitting on the other side of the lobby, like a shark circling constantly.

Just before I went upstairs for visiting time, the black guy with shaved head in black long coat got his things given to him by a clerk at the desk, so he was an inmate being released. The smile from the clerk was so wonderful. They were on such GOOD terms.

All the while through this, the guards were in on it it was obvious. This was late in the evening so its obvious this is not a good time to visit becuz it seems the idiots have time on their hands to make set ups.

Note that the perps were your typical gang stalker recruits: just out of jail or prison. In the penal system. On probation, in trouble with the law, etc.
Same old patterns.

The two black twits even stood there, staring at me and focusing on me as I went into the area to get a hand stamp before the first doors to go up. I gave them the finger. None of this was noted by the guards who should have been doing something about these three unsavory characters mulling around in this lobby intimidating what was mostly women waiting to see their men in jail. OTHER WOMEN IN THE LOBBY EXPRESSED UNEASE AT THIER BEING THERE AND DOING WHAT THEY WERE DOING AND THEY NOTICED I WAS BEING TARGETED.

You know, someone told me yesterday that a study was done in MA that showed there were so many woman abusers in this area, hidden of course, that this area was prime material for studies on domestic violence. The northeast generally.

That says something about MA and the entire NY, Boston and surrounding areas. And from experience I can tell you its the truth even though they hide behind all the bullshit they can find here to make themselves look like they are Boston Strong good guys or firemen or police or politicians or elite from one of the famous institutions.

The underbelly that outsiders don't see is obvious to us native New Englanders. This place is nothing more than a bunch of animals who without their drugs, perversions, money and power and material possessions, would not be able to live civily or in peace at all. That's the reality of MA. Just becuz you get good at the NWO game of streamlining corruption using higher intelligence and resources doesn't mean you have changed from being the absolute lowly animal you always back in the 70s when they could get away with sexist bullshit. Nothing has changed. They just use anti terror and whatever else they can now to justify being greedy, evil and satisfying their various perversions and insecurities.

Over the years of traveling Ive come to the revelation that Boston is permanently retarded. The wealth, power and corruption combination mixed with a religious  and social history that basically breeds people who compartmentalize reality has resulted in the ultimate sociopathic society who, they themselves don't realize how royally f*cked up they are compared to the rest of the world.

And something else: they will never, ever change. The nanny state, the coddling, the living in what amounts to a golden cage with strict classist codes is enough for the people who live here. They are so accustomed to this lifestyle they actually believe they are doing better than the rest of the United States at any given time, even though Ive seen obscene displays of wealth in places like California and Texas or wherever.
MA only saving grace was its Irish sense of justice which doesn't always take place in a courtroom but often in its own time and space, with what seems like old gods presiding. It just occurs. Also its trying to do the right things and set things right even with all the overbearing, violent criminal minded powers here.
I see less and less of that every year but the corrupt power structure remains more arrogant than ever but hidden like a bad seed child who gets away with murder and laughs maniacally, quietly in with his hand over his mouth, hidden in a dark closet with his toys. That's what Boston has become.

Id rather be back 40 years ago when it was overt, the city was gritty and no one had to become so much sicker than that by hiding the corruption and violence.

I cannot wait to finish my medical stuff and get away from America's elite powerhouse or rather its most autistic, retarded rich kids, who have to destroy people in order to gain the unrealistic levels of wealth and happiness that exist their twisted minds anyway.

Guess what? Theres loads of stuff going on in other places right now as this is written or even when this event I am documenting occurred that doesn't involve anyone from Boston!! The sun is out and the weather is nice!! In a lot of other places at one moment in time there are multiple realities in different locations that have nothing to do with what petty bullshit goes on here!!! Imagine that!!

But that's what happens when you still believe you can be the Hub of The Universe in the 21st century in a global world. You keep thinking that and I will continue to travel and prove just how much this place and its petty players mean nothing in the big world outside little New England.

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Anonymous said...

new reader here. i wanted to comment on the psych warfare campaign being waged through the police. im really scared by what i see in my own area. it seems like the goal is to rack everyone up a rap sheet as soon as possible or just plain intimidate u to dehumanize u. they are now targeting "goody-two-shoes" types in my area and stopping them and "showing them who's boss". i am literally afraid to leave my home with the police the way they are anymore. the real kicker is any REAL crime, they dont want to investigate. it seems just like another part of this campaign to break americas back and teach the public that they are powerless and cant resist the NWO. they arent there to protect and serve anymore. its completely about treating the public like scum