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Saturday, January 11, 2014

System STILL Trying To Harass Me Into Attending UMASS-I Will Never Attend That Ghetto Diversity Loving Hell Hole

Still trying to take care of health issues so I can eventually get out of the USA.

Its been tempting lately, with my new companion in jail, to give into the still present badgering to attend UMass Boston. I know that they ripped him away from me at this time becuz having him around I was gaining alot of momentum in looking up lawyers etc. This has brought me to a grinding halt which of course they wanted.  Its amazing how stupid the cops act when, they are so very involved in the NWO and understand whats transpiring on higher levels.

Again I have to ask why would I put myself through such a thing as going to UMASS? Thats a place where security in marked cars have gang stalked me using obvious, overt tactics and I was even given a very frightening experience of pain to my temples in a computer area once as well as students being obvious in watching what I was looking at when using the computers by stalking behind my back as well as laughing about being charged with monitoring me in such a way.

Ive also experienced the biggest assholes working there as staff who one once laughed right in my face from her little break room.

Ive also been stalked, spied on and followed consistently by African Americans at that school. They love thier COINTELPRO little black spies usually very nasty females.

I refuse to put myself in such a compromising position where I am only going to be humiliated. UMass Boston is for the n*gger loving population of Mass-hole-achussettes who care LEAST about poor white women, especially those of us who come from Third Wave immigrants (Ireland, Italy- people who are very European, our ancestors have only been here for 100 or 150 years).

I have been reading up more and more on how mass immigration is destroying the homeland of Europe and the only countries who are smart enough to even curb it are Switzerland or tough enough to use violence and thier strong historical nationalism (Eastern Europe, Russia). They arent stopping it, they are containing it and addressing it. Even Israel is taking measures like bleaching food in illegal African restaurants. And even though I dont approve of Israel's genocide of Palestinians or the other crap they pull to get thier way in the world, I cant blame them for wanting people OUT who arent there by Law Of Return since they have worked hard to genocide thier cousins and secure that area for themselves and their people.

Its appalling the way Americans are being diverted to wonder about if Kardashian's ass is real instead of paying attention to the very pressing matters of Fukishima radiation from the west and how the entire world is being destroyed to set up a New World Order especially our homelands to the east.

Obviously the powers that be are destroying any areas that are too civilized and conversely areas that refuse to join the modern age like Afghanistan-curiously, all places where Aryan peoples reside.

I have absolutely had it with peoples of African descent being used to destroy the entire world here and abroad. Its now total war. Which means I would stay in a place like Boston only for medical reasons then leave for someplace much more aware of exactly who one can trust in the NWO- sadly its not blacks. They have proven time and time again to not only be ineffectual against the NWO but to actually be helping the powerful people behind it to bring it into being, and that includes the president.

Its the 21st century. Boston and other Liberal Elitist places like it are still stuck in the 20th century and the idea that civil rights is about black people and using a term like minorities to represent only certain demographics is even relevant anymore.
Berkeley, CA has the same problem last time I was there just last year.

The Elite in these areas hide thier true intentions to create an NWO by keeping up the illusion that Liberalism is still about what it was in the last century. The game now consists of just the ELITE- all parties, all belief systems and ideologies.

Its laughable that people believe in any good in such an area as MA but refuse to acknowledge the evil that exists with the presence of Raytheon, MIT and other countless institutions and private sector companies connected to the military industrial complex.

I have had quite enough of being abused by the Bay State and nothing they can do short of admitting what they did, paying me off big time and bowing their f*cking heads in total shame would ever be enough for me, which, being from here I know they will never do. People like me are just toys to the assholes that reside in places like Massachusetts. And I will never forgive them and all the harassment, shaming and mind control in the world cant make me do what they want me to do.

Harvard is here. Ive realized over the time Ive been a gang stalking target that Harvard University is nothing but total evil. Whatever is left of the physical structure of the place that they cant destroy that still harbors any sort of spirit of what it once was decades ago is subdued by modern technologies and presence of legions of horrid YUPpie scumbags. As well as the never ending spooks that are always on the MBTA and walking around these areas 'protecting' our country or rather the investments of the elite assh*les. The place is saturated with covert ops.

These people can all go f*ck themselves. I will NEVER attend school here, as much as I may want to or had in the past. Even the kids who are a new generation working at the Harvard Homeless Shelter arent any different from the little pricks in the past who were very overt about being in on gang stalking me. Just yesterday I caught them laughing at the clients when they thought none of us were observant enough to see what they were doing. (Dont we recall that Im "very observant"? according to one spook at the Women's Center? LOL). I scolded them not to laugh at the guests. Just moments later from afar, they looked like the perfect two children of the elite, standing side by side. Purely wealthy looks, perfect features of the class, beautiful statures. A real horse and pony show set of winners.
Now..if only they were taught they had souls at home, they might actually become human children. Hahahaha.

This place will NEVER change. If I attend UMass I am going to bring some sort of Racial Awareness group to campus where lost stupid white trash can come learn about their identities and get up out of the prison of Wiggerism. Then of course the stupids who believe its still 1974 will whine and cry racist which I really dont have time for.

Either this area and the whole USA wakes up to the NWO using Diverisity to break down and destroy strong ethnic identities to enslave mankind or I dont need to be here. There are too many whites here who are asleep and dumb enough to immediately reject their own people on site. Class warfare serves this purpose also. The people out there right now HATE anyone with a backpack or anyone alternative.

I dont have the patience for this silly bullsh*t. And all of the leaders of the movements in EU and Russia who were moving against immigration being used to destroy historical white culture and its people are now in jail for life. Which means its time to seek out someplace where one can find a way out of being enslaved.

Boston, as its been documented by the military is going to be one of those areas that gives in very quickly to any kind of martial law whereas Texas would be a different story. Why the hell should I stay here?
I am already sick of blacks here as it only takes about two months. They act like assholes here becuz they are coddled, spoiled and tolerated here. In the rest of the USA they would have starved to death by now or been run out of town or beaten the fuck down by law enforcement and had standards they'd have to live by (Dallas).

There is no way in hell I am going to subject myself to going to college at UMASS Boston. Not in a million years not ever. I totally agree that I should have an education but the gang stalking system and everyone who helped it destroy my life for the past ten years SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT before they prevented me from going to UMASS in the early 2000's when I had completed vocational testing and was ready to go. Instead, my perfect blonde cousin, the daughter of the guy who used to kill people for the dirty  mafia scumbags, who decided to just dump our hard fought for Catholicism from Cork Ireland by becoming a Christian- SHE gets to become a genetic engineer. Fuck that asshole, screw my family and up yours to the Bay State.

I will NEVER attend that ghetto sh*thole. EVER. Purely becuz there has to be something wrong with MA and the system here wanting me to go to school there that badly. There has to be something wrong with it then. Another wrong turn for me to make to fuck up my life somehow. Why so I can get gang stalked there and finally go postal? NO F*CKING WAY.

I am going to sue who and what I can, take care of my health them I am going to leave this Liberal Elitist shithole that supports King Obama and his bitch wife and all thier sick Black Supremacist friends and find somewhere that actually likes me for who and what I am instead of constantly tries to make me into what and what THEY are.

As far as I am concerned, MA has destroyed a multi talented, beautiful female of European descent in her prime becuz they are a bunch of elitist, n*gger loving, greedy assholes on a total power trip, connected to Europe's elite from the country's beginnings and connected strongly to Israel, the bankers and whatever their agenda is.

I will move somewhere that will completely acknowledge the damage that has been done to me and will clearly see the years taken from my life. The USA no matter where I go continues to insist I give up trying to be heard or trying to heal myself properly by dealing with the years of lost life by being open and honest about it. So then, f*ck the United States. Its dead, its gone its over and thats that. Whatever has become of the USA its not the place it once was and whatever its become is so surreal you have to live in a constant state of mind-f*ck in order to just function daily. Its like being kept on drugs constantly. I quit drugs years ago- I dont like it. I dont like the way it feels. I dont like the blankness, the deceptiveness, the lack of honestly or of life energy.

Boston will not allow me the right to exist as I am becuz they refuse to acknowledge the truth. Boston is the hub of the universe for total scumbags. Boston is the seat of power that has helped the country turn against the people and smugly believes no one will notice becuz they bathe themselves in a good light which consists of hospitals, Harvard, MIT and sympathy from the Boston False Flag Bombing as well as thier sister city in assholedom- NYC which is unbelievably evil and of course there's 9-11.

Unless 9-11 is finally exposed this bad acid trip of a nightmare will NEVER end. So why would I go to college here?

Im sure they want to wear me down until I am unhealthy and aged enough to believe I have no other options. Leaving the USA might be a big mistake due to life never being as good as it could have been here yet, having to face whats been taken from me ever single day in every waking moment of that day is not a life. So therefore me living in a place never being able to admit what really happened and having to pretend I am this other person daily, is part of the ongoing torture. You live the rest of your life in a state of torture daily.

I absolutely refuse that. I saw my grandmother have to live that way and my mother who, I know for a fact is targeted also as she is the documented original MK Ultra experimentee in this.

The USA isnt interested in anyone's pain and suffering other than thier own anyway. They dont care who or what they have to exploit to get what they need for thier ridiculous lifestyles here and throw away culture. Americans are retards-Europe's failures and I should have been gone decades ago. Unless I get fully returned what was taken from me there is no f*cking way I am going to attend college here and try to PRETEND to live a normal life.

Everyone just makes any excuse they can for me being the way I am anyway. Everything from perp's claiming its becuz my mother was too hard on me to my mother and her family claiming I am mentally ill like my father. Then of course the local townie morons and whoever else on that level like to still talk about whatever video on the internet Jake my ex put on there but Ive still never seen anything of it.

People here are in total denial and will NEVER face the fact that their state is totally evil and elitist, just wants to use them and that the United States is completely fucked. And everyone is too stupid and unsophisticated to understand MK Ultra. So why would I stay here any longer than I had to? The public here will never accept me for me or even understand what I could have been had I been left alone to develop normally and go to school as I had planned.

America essentially hates me. I know there are other countries where I would fit in better- just my spiritual maturity level to begin with. America is disgustingly immature and thier tastes are just stupid and awful. Ive never been treated well here and as long as I stay I will always have a lowered status. There is no way I am going to tolerate that. And I am sick of being controlled, stalked and followed by my own people. At least somewhere else, I can look at it that its thier people.

As far as I am concerned MY people are dead. Brainwashed zombies lost in another place and time. Fuck Boston. BOSTON STUPID. Not Boston Strong. tasteless it is to market a tragedy like that. Its easy to do when you are marketing a false flag op. Too easy. Boston has become a hollowed out shell and its being used by the globalists to buy and sell its impressive name brands and pedigrees. What was once here that actually existed that had true solid value is now gone.
Thats what the globalists are asking of you. THAT is the reality for all of us in this New World Order. That is what you are going to get:
Chemtrails every day. Psych meds and psychiatry. Hipster and YUPpie friendly churches(just CIA fronts). Cameras everywhere observing and mass mind control through the towers as well as other technologies you cannot see. Cell phones are part of this too.

All the while you focus on whatever nonsense is put before you or this younger generation's ever boring tastes in reality tv and the radiation from nuclear fallouts, the oil spills world wide have effects on the environment.

If the NWO is so great once again I ask why are people like me who have been victimized by war crimes silenced? Why are they not telling people about mass mind control? It cant be good. Its a deception that they hope to slowly pull people like me down into joining.

In these psycho's Great Work- in the Masonic mind, every brick has to be in perfect place. Measurements must be precise for the structure to stand and exist. I am that one brick. I must be shaped, cut down to size to 'fit in' to the larger structure. They have no respect for random chaos, the beauty of Nature. Only thier own designs.

And that was fine for the madness of emperors and pharaohs killing thousands to put up great structures in the past but man is supposed to evolve beyond such slavery now. And by the way PEOPLE ARE NOT BRICKS nor materials. Humans are not supposed to be living this way. This is by design. In order to die with any sort of true dignity as a human animal or being one has to fight this plotting and scheming of this major deception.

That is the only good life or positive outcome right now.


Lavoy Matthews said...

HI Rachel. Thanks for posting. I too feel my life was ruined by gangstalking and I am glad I have only a few decades left on this earth. Take care. Xxx lavoy

mej313 said...

I think you might be disillusioned by The Russian thugs if you lived in Russia for any length of time. They just kill off anything or anyone who isn't part of their mafia -oriented hierarchical structure who opposes them. They instituted gang stalking under Stalin and Communism and it sp r ead out over the Eastern Bloc nations they controlled, and they are still completely into it not out of racial purity but strictly for ideological purposes. Racism is just another reason to gang up on someone else for them. They have always killed off other groups for one reason for another, and like those great Europeans, they kiled each other off in regional feuds until they got savvy enogh to travel abroad and bring their violence to other parts of the world. Good old " uncle Joe" Stalin killed off millions and his legacy is continued under Putin but just more obscured. They don't have strength of character to pr eserve their white race, they are violent p eople who love attacking anything that can't defend itself. They have a long history of threatening the entire Ukraine region with cutting off all oil and gas in winter months if they don't pay some huge amount of money--just pure extortion. Staling had millions of people executed in The Ukraine before HItler even arrived in Russia. They 're a p urely fucked race of violent predators they have no moral higher ground when it comes to anything. This message has been intensely hacked into, it's just filled with typos, pls be aware.