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Monday, January 6, 2014

New People In My Life Might Be Trying To Discredit Me Further

I will make this brief: found a new man, liked him alot. Didnt trust him fully nor his female friend but have alot of fun with him.

Depended on him out here for warmth in winter, we got very close quickly. Was just about to leave for Florida and he gets arrested in Harvard Sq. Supposedly for flying a sign in front of an ATM but people tell me the cops were basically cruising looking for someone and they told him to leave with them and he stubbornly didnt.

The thing he is dealing with on another matter is potentially useful to the people in this area who would like to intimidate me out of here or actually discredit me further becuz the way it looks on paper is not good. It would have to be explained to someone and we are all of us, his friends going to try to get a good lawyer to sort things out.

However I dont trust his mother nor his friend in dealing with all this. They tried to put alot on  me with his being jailed, both knowing that I have a heavy backpack, back pain still due to the abortion complications and bursitis in my leg/hip joint I was told by my doctor recently. Also, his being taken from me made it very hard to quickly secure a warm place to stay as its far too cold for me to sleep out myself in this part of winter.
Its as if both women were in on something to attempt to really weigh me down with this situation.
His mother basically tried to get me to bail him out which I couldnt afford anyway but the fraction of the cost she thought wud be enuf was very expensive. She wont even pay for a call from him from jail. She lives with a former girlfriend who owns property supposedly. She lives inside. She has her daughter there. She has grandkids over...and NO ONE she knows can pay for a call from him??

His friend asked me if I picked up his sleeping back from the police station then told me he wants his backpack mailed to his mother. This friend of his spoils him basically when he's outside and buys him things all the time.
She didnt think of giving me a ride to the station as well as to pay for his pack to be mailed? She has a place to stay while she's here as well as a car. I dont. She also leaves her job tomorrow and has nothing to do for a week. ???

This all reeks of a set up. Some sort of mind f*ck if not for just crazy making- to beat the Target down as well as control them, suck up their money and funds as well as lower thier self esteem. It also reeks of a major distraction.

The one thing thats hopeful is that he actually has potential becuz he is so incredibly stupid and irresponsible as is basically being controlled by people in Harvard through his pot addiction as well as her sponsoring him financially. He might be in on it but he's not that swift. And he genuinely has affections for me etc.

I need to lay it out to him that his mother is even more irresponsible than he is..she knew he was in danger of being brought in for this issue but I never heard her urging him to take care of it or leave MA, which would have averted the entire situation.

He wants me to visit him but...is it becuz he genuinely misses me and cares or is it becuz this is all one big show or at least he's being offered something for now drawing me in?  Is it so I can be associated with someone who potentially can make me look bad? Just showing up to visit might be the wrong thing to do.

Then again it might just be thats what the perps want me to think so its psychological intimidation.

As usual I am going to do what I think is right and just and thats after I make sure he's telling the truth about the charges. If its an elaborate set up or a plot to snag me mentallly and emotionally I will also see that plainly after a time.

And my former companion now friend thinks this means he's going to become more than that. He's also someone that, as Ive posted, I found out things about him that make it look very bad for me to be close to him. Besides he gets me aggravated.

Its sad that I have to watch every thing and every one just to have some sort of normal life at all.

He and his female friend were doing things in the laundromat that made me feel like they were indeed in on gang stalking. Then again, gang stalking makes you paranoid over time. Especially in areas where the tech is heavy, obviously.

The beauty of this is that in his being arrested, he's going to be vulnerable and not so easy to hide what he's really up to, if anything at all.

Yet, when he called from the police station upon the arrest, I heard the line beep ONLY after he admitted to me the true nature of what he had been taken in for and it was something from the past that he was going to tell me later when he got to know me better. He's been lying about small things off and on also.

Another fixer-upper boyfriend. I always get these and I always improve thier lives. And of  course, I usually never get the credit I deserve. Jake was a prime example. If it wasnt for me he would have od'd on the downers his manager was giving him along with alcohol and loads of pot, up in his mother's attic.

Its becuz I wanted nothing more than to become a councilor when I was forming a life plan for my future living in Brighton in early 2000's.  If I had been left alone I would be doing this for a living and not having to live it in my own life.

But the GS system always has to keep Targets down and make us look like stupid, bad people with low self esteem- even if that probably would not have been the outcome had the system left us to our own processes.

The a-holes at the cover story level are still trying to prove that I was a sex fiend who needed reform and this system of behavior modification was going to do it. I hope it screws up all thier funding or whatever and proves that all this nonsense nowadays like psychiatry and  teen behavior mod camps are just areas that cover up for ritual abuse, classified and black projects specifically mind control.
Its not surprising that alot of these camps are tied to the military and are in places like UTAH. Mormons are so deeply involved with the mind control out in the southwest where all those military bases are. Elizabeth Smart is just one example- it was no accident from what I could see.
And the way that Nancy Grace tried to mindf*ck Smart in an interview is also telling.
Ive seen it with my own eyes. Ive been chased out of small Mormon towns by heavy mind control.

Look at what I as well as other Survivors like Cathy Obrien have to say about Mitt Romney and his father related to mind control. His niece or grand daughter was part of gang stalking me in St Louis where she went to college (Laura).

It seems like the YUPpies are more and more frightened of anyone who doesnt look like they conform and on the fringes you meet less and less good people.

I hope that these people are just selfish or unthinking. It would actually make my life easier if they werent involved to a higher degree- just stupid and careless, like many human animals.

This might also prompt me to take care of my own legal concerns more swiftly.

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