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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Reader Experiencing NWO Police Presence In His Area

"hi new reader here. i wanted to comment on the psych warfare campaign being waged through the police. im really scared by what i see in my own area. it seems like the goal is to rack everyone up a rap sheet as soon as possible or just plain intimidate u to dehumanize u. they are now targeting "goody-two-shoes" types in my area and stopping them and "showing them who's boss". i am literally afraid to leave my home with the police the way they are anymore. the real kicker is any REAL crime, they dont want to investigate. it seems just like another part of this campaign to break americas back and teach the public that they are powerless and cant resist the NWO. they arent there to protect and serve anymore. its completely about treating the public like scum on Gang Stalked On Friday Night At Suffolk County Jail Lobby Boston
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on 1/27/14"

Welcome. Hope u can sift through all my personal bs lately and get something out of this blog.
Please tell other readers your general location so others can perhaps relate to your experiences. If its a small town for safety be more general like a county or even part of a state.

The police are now more akin to soldiers on a battlefield than the old cop on the beat or locals. And they seem to be an arm of business associations and special interests more than ever.

They definately are into this full scale war on the homeless. What u r describing is more in support of the privatized corporate prison industry.

I also theorize that its not merely for profit or to normalize slavery under the NWO but it cud b to b able to experiment on people by having them as inmates. Microchips, nanotechnology, mind control drugs, psych operations, behavior modification.

I've seen a lot of these in my own experiences but they had to drive me away from my home area in the northeast out to the mid west and then to the deserts of the southwest to experiment on me, where all those military bases are.

Military personnel, their families and prison inmates seem the prime sources of subjects for unethical human experimentation connected to classified projects.

Its best to learn how to deal with cops in your area and begin networking relationships with friendly ones. There's an all out war on anyone who's not conforming and this is what the yuppies don't see.

Mass mind control has taken hold in the USA. Unless you have wealth or a niche with others to hide you are pretty much screwed.

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