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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hate Mail!! January 26th, 2014

This one is priceless:

"So, just to be clear, you thought it was a good idea to post threatening messages toward the MIT Community on your blog while using MIT resources? The resources are open as long as you follow all of the appropriate computing guidelines and this would seem to violate one of those in a big way: 5. Don't use MITnet to harass anyone in any way. "Harassment," according to MIT's Policies and Procedures (Section 9.5), is defined as: "...any conduct, verbal or physical, on or off campus, which has the intent or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual or group's educational or work performance at MIT or that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational, work or living environment.... Harassment on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or age includes harassment of an individual in terms of a stereotyped group characteristic, or because of that person's identification with a particular group." But yeah, it's on Hey MIT, Remember who u r dealing with

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on 1/23/14"

MIT is lucky that I have been too beaten down to sue them for the overt harassment over the years and in part interfering with myself as a witness who could potentially testify in a federal investigation involving some of their professors being clients of local escort services who have seen girls on MIT PROPERTY. Ive been gang stalked by these professors on MIT property by the way, up until this year when the harassment has been very occasionally.

MIT librarians at the Hayden library blocked me from even writing my blog in self defense years ago under false, bullshit pretenses, saying it wasn't research when they allowed dirty old men to look up porn in that library not caring what THEY were doing on the computer. I blogged and documented this over the years. And, if that is so, then why did I get granted a special research privilege from two other universities one being UNM by going to the Deans office and explaining that my blog was used to help and educate targets and I used video becuz nowadays so many people don't read and I did nothing BUT research.

That's when I notice that MIT never tried to block me again but I also stayed out of Hayden. I was so oppressed during those early years that the hacker MIT kids used to come in and try to slyly talk to me and help me and tell me that whatever I had to say I shouldn't let anyone stop me from saying it. Which is why I am still welcome by some sort of presence here to this day at MIT and rarely am bothered except by perps who know they are working for the local bad guys and the DARPA assholes who think they own MIT.

So, until I get a call from a lawyer or some offended parties about harassment, don't waste your time. For the war crimes I have had to live through, partially perpetrated at MIT over the years or on MIT property in Cambridge, MIT is lucky that all I do is vent on this blog.

If I had a better support network I would have sued by now even if it didn't work just to have a lawsuit in documentation with the USA or..I could have snapped and become a lone shooter. Anyone from law enforcement wanting to question me about that please feel free...Id love to tell you about the escort services connections as well as the cops and feds making sure I NEVER TESTIFIED and of course, covering up the gang stalking. Go ahead, give me a reason to get a lawyer and go for it with the cover story AND the MK Ultra thing my mother NEVER was able to sue for.

Provide me motivation and I will give you everything you ask for, which is to be destroyed at this point. MIT deserves it.

Me using their computers is the least they can do and they know it. For all I know I am allowed to continue to be at MIT for purposes of continued classified unethical human experimentation not perpetrated by private contractors that have no obligation to reveal anything to the public.

So cut the bullshit.


Anonymous said...

There could be plenty of gangstalking in Academia. In my experience, I believe professors holding doctorates doing research and teaching are told not to help targets get in to the university. Too risky. Can't have targets getting in and doing legit research.

And I've noticed that recently, there seems to be a GLUT of what seems to be BOGUS or spurious research. For example, on the news, I see a lot of research like this kind: that proves that people who shift their sleeping schedules around are more prone to certain health problems. And money is wasted on research like this, which is bogus, proves nothing, and has long been common sense since the early 50's.

I believe a lot of "research" is performed so as to get to targets. For example, targets who shift their sleep schedules around, could see research done that proves this lifestyle is unhealthy. And the added benefit to the system is that the target sees that research is being done that serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, and that the target could be doing something productive research-wise (like a Ph. D dissertation) that could help expose the system. So the system has no problem getting shills into their Ph. D program working for them, or burning valuable grant money to help keep out target individuals seeking to do research that would threaten the system.

And maybe the professors going along with the NWO are being provided perks, like being able to bring prostitutes onto the campus while security and other professors conveniently look the other way out of fear of being targeted.

Watch next time on the news, if you see bogus research about stupid bullshit. The system wants this. They'd rather have bogus research than legitimate research done by a target that would threaten their criminal empire.

mej313 said...

It's so great and fantastic reading your blog, your strength and astute appraisal and activism, all I can say is I send respect and hope you continue healing and that your efforts will bear more than the fruits of your labor but real success, including payment for your work and in helping other innocent victims (like myself).

Lavoy Matthews said...

Good morning Rachel, trolls are all over the internet. I have trolls dedicated to me on and off work 24/7. The best thing to do is to just ignore those people. I get abusive emails all the time. I make my videos and I am accused of harassment, but I only say what was done to me. If the people don't like it then they should modify their behaviour and then I won't comment on them. I have had to go and unlist a lot of my videos because I am working and I am sure work doesn't like me talking about them and people they collaborated with. I have started making vidoes just showing places so that I can keep my videos up. I hope you have a nice day. XXX Lavoy

murdoc said...

Isn't cold up there?