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Monday, January 20, 2014

Police Stalking In Norway 'Step By Step Pursuit'- Insights Into Modern Police Tactics Used To Cover For Harassment, NWO Cleansing of Dissidents and Human Experimentation

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Operation homeless. I love it.

Now lets investigate how much of all this clean up in all these countries world wide isnt for the true purposes of
-diversion and hiding the criminal activities of the rich, powerful and connected as well as all levels of law enforcement themselves- who of course either pay off the police well or ARE the police and associated authorities.
-to provide cover and necessary conditions for various operations of unethical human experimentation, now most likely carried out by conglomerates so big and out of reach of public scrutiny with no obligation to disclose any info the the public and connected to 'complexes' such as the military industrial, prison etc which consist of the fusing of government entities with the private sector as well as institutions. Which is exactly who the players were in MK Ultra and other similar nightmares.
-to get rid of anyone who is not going along with the NWO in any of its various phases.

I can tell you from experience here in America, all three are true.

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