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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Friend's Arrest May Be Used As Cover Story For Harassment

I found out whats going on with this guy I was hanging with who they arrested.
Seems as a small child he was severely abused. When he was 14 he acted out by getting into some sexual situation with a girl who was a few years younger. His mother sent him to a program becuz he didnt remember what had happened to him as a child and he got the help he needed and hasnt been in trouble since.
The state he is from believes juvenile offenders should have a clean slate but MA wants anyone with a juvenile record to register as an offender, even if you were like 5 or something.

I looked him up in other states and his homestate and he's not registered there. This doesn't mean that he and his mother aren't lying about exactly what he's supposed to be registering for like it could have been something up here. But her story matches his exactly as well as he told me this finally over the phone after he got arrested.

He didnt tell me any of that he only told me he had years of programs, therapy and anger management. He said he was waiting til later on. Sadly it doesn't help my situation.
I personally think from the circumstances as well as from what I know of him I believe he and his mother are telling the truth. This is the kind of thing I get myself into sometimes, both not being in the best population of people as well as not paying attention becuz Im so wrapped up in my work-and my biggest fault is wanting to be helpful and I think people take advantage of that. Last year an older lady that was out here who I was trying to help really stressed me out and put me at a disadvantage. Thats when I couldnt take those jerks at the McDonalds anymore and gave in to being stressed out. (I mean, the guy that messed with me DID have a domestic violence record so its what hes into anyway as well as there were employees in there basically telling me that their main goal was to harass all the 'unsavory' types out of Central Square to make it more YUPPie friendly. Thats pretty messed up.)

It certainly serves to make me look once again totally unsavory. What pisses me off is the lying to me and this leaves me both suffering from the cold outside by myself now scrambling for places to sleep as well as it doesnt look good.
The only other thing I can think of if there is more to it than is showing is that local authorities wanted him arrested so I would know about his past and to get him away from me.  It depends on if he's telling the truth or not totally.

I was moving along with getting my stuff done having him around to depend on all the time and its really screwed up my momentum to have him gone and Im very depressed and just wanting to give up and leave.
I would safely say that this move was to neutralize their enemy (me) once again.

Remember, all the UNregistered sex offenders-who dont get exposed, wealthy or in powerful positions here in MA would know the way a person like me thinks and functions- and they've possibly using me and anyone else as a diversion for years. Authorities always know what really goes on in any given city or town and they're not telling. Its easier to black mail people if necessary Im sure.

There is a new mayor in office. Already pan handling is illegal in Boston now by city ordinance. Cambridge is trying to get it passed.

That means people like me living here on the fringes trying to use the resources to do activism who run out of money who use pan handing as a form of spreading my activism content as well as supplementing my income are not going to be able to do so anymore. There was something about a permit which I would be all to happy to get. I was going to have something printed up about gang stalking and use that when I panhandle which I should have done years ago but I tried it once in 2008 or 10 and I got a lot of shit for it from the local public.
I now hang a sign behind me sometimes that reflects what my activism is about, to try it out.

I thought at least I was going to sue for some of the stuff that happened before I tried to leave the country but its like everything is closing in.

Also there is this ex girlfriend of his named Patches, I wont mention her real name. She always kept asking him if he wanted to see her again, come home with her, etc and he didn't want any part of it. Shed get drunk and make crazy accusations about women out here 'taking him away from her' on different occasions. Shes not a very stable person and only gets to see her kids on weekends. She seems to have had something to do with running him out of town which is illegal but thats between her and him. The point is is that theres this bizarre situation where people are trying to use this person as an excuse for turning on me. Which makes no sense because these same people have been hanging out with this kid for years, some of the guys sleeping with local girls together with him, running with him etc, knowing exactly what hes up to, things I wouldn't even know about.

And all of a sudden, the worst people are favored in Harvard Sq and people who no one seemed to bother with that are useful somehow are being chased out or someone like me, who doesnt drink or drug or steal etc and is an activist for a cause thats admirable and everyone should know by now how long suffering I am for this blog. That I just want to write a book and thats pretty much my focus. I sort of dont pay attention to anything else around me and probably with this change of the guard, thats being used against me.

It also seems that the people being favored are or have been in trouble with the law and have sold out to being informants or working with corrupt authorities in some other way. Ive seen it and everyone else has too.

Just another obstacle I have to deal with, something totally unrelated thats going to get in the way of my producing any work.

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