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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Side Note About The Assistance Of Homeless Resources

For all that I write here about what goes wrong in homeless services or the potential for corruption such as gang stalking-it is always a good thing that such places exist anywhere in the USA. Its necessary, its just that many of us wish conditions were improved, that there would be some normality in the homeless scene and some oversight even legalities looked at of human and civil rights.
Especially that it seems we are not allowed to have representation from within our own populations or organize. We are managed instead as well as intimidated into getting housed which for some of us, could potentially be life threatening, as you have seen in the case of gang stalking targets specifically victim witnesses to organized crime and Survivors of ritual abuse/black projects.

Yet without these resources I dont know what would become of many of us. This year I notice that many of these places in MA have improved thier staff as well as conditions of the buildings they are in. Which is great but it doesnt address the fact that they are still a way for covert operations to exist without any protection for citizens and no recourse. Just becuz they have improved doesnt address the fact that the very structure of the homeless industry allows for such infiltration to begin with. An entire overhaul is in order and I believe that these recent types of improvements are an attempt to prevent any investigations into whats transpired for many years past.

Which hopefully wont work. What occurred over these past years must be dealt with. Not trying to placate Targets who are still homeless.

It is indeed helpful to have a safe space to go to and HSHS is one of the best in the country. Boston is a place where getting winter clothing is easier than anywhere else I know of. People are generous in this area.

Realistically however, for Targets, these programs can unfortunatley serve to simply continue the process of behavior modification while the Target lives out thier double life in society as The Homeless person. It almost feels like these places exist to keep us out of sight of society, to keep us alive just enough so we dont do anything drastic out of necessity- like organize.

I wonder what we would do if such places did not exist. And I often wonder nowadays just what are the motives of the people who help us in such places.

I will never forget that horrid b*tch in St Louis who told me I was using these places as a place where I experienced some of the WORST torture and gang stalking of my lifetime. (While Hayden was head of the CIA.) I had to put up with that all during dealing with everything else.

With the conditions outside as they are, its almost impossible to organize anyway. Such places probably provide a safenet so thats not necessary.

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