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Monday, January 6, 2014

Anti Tech Terrorism: An Upcoming Global 'Threat' For Good Reason

Perhaps anti tech anything is a good counter movement. Becuz it seems that the average person is ignorant of what technologies are truly being used for in western democratic society. Its what they DONT tell u. Do u honestly believe that the powerful of today are any less mad than Nero or Calicula or the Zaar? The entire NWO theatre show is to make it appear as if getting rid of leaders of certain countries is in the name of freedom when in reality, there is a covert system that is running things in the west that's just as oppressive and brutal as any country that is as such in an obvious manner.

Military technologies some classified and others plainly documented as being patented are being used to target dissidents, victim witnesses (9-11 family members and witnesses, Truthers, even people close to powerful people who become inconvenient) as well manipulate the masses.

Elections were influenced with this technology. Then there's the use of chemicals in our environment and even in our food to influence human thinking and actions. There is, in every city, a legion of covert ops that perform psychological operations. They form a nation wide network.

Through these three main means- technological, chemical and human forces/psy ops, society is being controlled. People who see too much, know too much or stand up to the NWO becuz we KNOW the abuses of power that have gone on and are continuing- are targeted and most commit suicide.

The people in power now define terrorism as anything that gets in the way of them implementing this system world wide. That means that anyone or any group who are acting on doing the right thing for truth, liberty and freedom for humanity are actually thought of as terrorists.
This mentality can be seen in people who specialize in education about terrorism actually claiming that our forefathers were terrorists against the British govt in place during the Revolution. That in itself is a form of psychological terrorism on the establishments part.

Terrorism is coming from everywhere and that includes the people making technologies. DARPA are the biggest frickin terrorists on the planet and they have the tech and manpower to do some brutal, awful things.

Human kind's greatest mistake especially in the west is to assume that technology in itself is benign. Harmless. Even divine, as the statement in the first piece claiming its going to revolutionize society.

Are you sure you know everything that the powers in place are up to or working on? Do you have that kind of access and security clearance?

Two answers: either you do not and you are under the impression that tech is good by its own nature and this is untrue or you are quite aware of whats really going on and the author(s) are working on propaganda to keep the public believing that technology is by nature good and benign and no sinister uses can ever come out of our wonderful democratic society.

Uh, if you were the leader of a society that had to keep up the appearance of being pro human rights and based on freedom, liberty etc but yet, in reality, politics and economics are dirty underhanded affairs wouldn't you do things 'quietly' so that the people of such a nation would not take notice and there will be no public outcry?

There is the motive for using such a system.

The west specifically the USA cant even begin to conceive of or admit the way we exploit other peoples and nations in order to exist in a consumerist society where we buy a lot of what we don't need or simply are raised not being taught how to do things in a way that is more practical and green if you will. Our great-great-great grandparents might have known, but those ways are gone. By design of course.

If the author(s) are truly ignorant here's a wake up call. The military industrial complex, medical complex, psychiatry/Big Pharma and the privatized prison complex as well as security companies threaded throughout all of those are not nice, cuddly people. Since when have you not read about robber barons or wars in history books or regimes or emperors or military occupations? Humans haven't changed. If anything, tech has made it easier to deceive the public..

If not, then this is simply another piece in perception management.

For humans to not sit down and seriously consider the dangers of technologies- in the hands of power or in the hands of the common man, is the sign of a society gone completely insane.

Btw, terrorists, contrary to popular brainwashing beliefs- are usually people who have been driven to such actions by being made to feel they have no other choice. Kind of like committing suicide. Terrorism is desperate action by desperate people. What caused that to be to begin with?

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