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Friday, January 10, 2014

Harassed By Person With Badge And Others In Beth Israel Medical Center ER

Got stomach flu, couldnt keep anything down, got dehydrated within just hours so went to ER. As I once again vomited and triage were trying to stabilize me a man with a badge patch on the arm of his jacket either Boston's medical team that are part of police and fire unites or someone from the hospital, an older Caucasian male, overweight, was going out the back door of triage, said something as he walked out I did not hear and as I lifted my head from vomiting he was going outside he gave me the same 'thumbs up' as the two Cambridge detectives who stalked me in Cambridge a month ago(which I have posted on this blog).

Actually this only made me feel more like my expose I am still going to write- my work, was more important than ever.
Always remember that no matter when they catch you in a moment of being powerless or if they are winning the psych warfare campaign that day- recall that every single one of these people are supporting international pedophile networks as well as every other connected kind of international organized crime..and of course the NWO which they are probably too stupid to realize.

They support networks of the elite who have intercourse with children- from babies up to teens and beyond, and often torture and kill them, even producing films of such activities.

Just remember this the next time someone uses thier official authority to harass you. Most of the time, keeping this in mind, you realize that if you look closely at the faces of these people, they will resemble every single pedo you've ever had to deal with or had knowledge of.

Most 'gang stalkers' I have dealt with turn out to be sex offenders, rapists, domestic abusers, extreme sexists, pedophiles and often have something on thier legal records indicating as such. If they are clever as my grandfather was, being a male man and hiding behind a uniform or having a decent job etc-they will never be caught.

Alot of these people actually know who the Target is especially if the person is a Survivor of mind control projects or programming (including ritual abuse), though many of them seem too stupid to be involved in anything like high Satanism or programming. They just support the system due to being unexposed sex offenders for the most part.
They only know that the Target is someone who is a threat to perhaps some local hidden source of criminal activity they want to preserve- especially if its connected to cops who are being paid off alot of money and organized crime thats nicely tied into the police like the Irish mob here in Boston (which I was told by a cop pays off  "..hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, luv.")

Think nothing of it. Besides, they use so many lowly black males and total scum of the earth can you really take them seriously? They strive to keep African Americans in the position of house-slaves for eternity. That isnt something you should support or tolerate.
The blacks being immigrated into Europe to destroy it are being used to same way and they also will screw over thier new host countries and everyone in it in order to do whatever they have to to please the people in power and to secure a place in society.

Once I got treated I was released and stayed in the waiting room for the night which the decent African American security guard allowed. I got one youngish black male moron doing the 'wallet tap' tactic wearing scrubs so, of course there's no wallet. They still use this tactic only becuz they have found it works. I ignored him the way I do all of them. In truth I say to myself that he has to wake up black in the morning and I dont so they cant do very much damage. PC has to place on the battlefield. It will get you killed or captured.

Their only goal is to find some tactic and gesture that works on the TI. The things they do make no other sense than that. This is one of the reasons they test a TI early on for things like how far you can see out of your peripheral vision and things like how you respond to sound, vision etc. They want to see exactly what psychological tactics you are going to notice the most.

One bitch at the Women's Center a few years ago, said of me to another woman right in front of me "She's very observant" when explaining away why I reacted to something as I did. This was still in a phase of my not being as militant in my defense as I am now and perps could still play with me a little in other words- I still had a bit of the normal human being in me, someone who expected to have a life not being attacked all the time. How did this women know I was very observant? I'd never seen her before in my life. She also said it was good I didnt go to Oregon, as there were high rates of depression there.
That blonde, older woman who sits downstairs in the Women's Center all day who claims to be writing a book and all she does is sit there and eat watching videos. She was in on that conversation. If thats what its like to work for this system you can have that.
Alot of perps seem to be kept down in the dregs of society. Its totally bizarre what Ive seen. I guess they just blackmail and brain damage these people to the point that they work for this system as slaves for life.

On the #1  bus, that hateful hot spot of gang stalking by elite whites and thier black house slaves, some YUPpie pushed me and then insulted the way I dress- which was in my pajamas on the way to shower. I told him off shortly and in an articulate manner yet I noticed out of the corner of my eyes, two younger college age males looking at each other across the bus and one making an excited face and expression as if they were impressed with my performance or reaction. As far as I am concerned, this was a perp group doing exactly what they did in the southwest when I was MILABed. Its human experimentation, stress testing, etc. All part of MK Ultra all part of seeing how a Target reacts to stress or can the person be trained to handle stress or desensitized etc. Its all part of MK Ultra.

Of course the Target seems to be strong on the outside and by thier reactions but the constant triggering of the Fight or Flight response is doing damage to the heart, brain and other organs and burning out the adrenals. As we have seen, the people behind these long term experiments utilizing public spaces dont care about the Target they truly believe the person is akin to an expendable animal in a lab setting.

And most of this is to also keep the Target controlled. To ensure that they are kept down daily. Their confidence is destroyed on a daily basis so they can never accomplish anything or be anyone.

Strangely Ive observed that all perps resemble each other and even the races of perps look alike according to race. Black male perps all have certain similar characteristics as do YUPpies as do younger kids. They often behave the same and have similar mannerisms. Its very strange. As if they were genetically related somehow.

If I had a lawyer I suppose I could request the security camera video to find out who that man with the badge was as there were cameras on the ceiling that must have caught the incident at the hospital. But we all know that the cameras only serve the gang stalking system and mass mind control. If you notice, you will see in each area there are cameras posted especially in outdoors public spaces, not far away there will always be cell phone repeaters (those things on the sides or tops of buildings that they always try to camouflage in some areas they make the towers look like pine or palm trees). The repeaters are without a tower. They repeat or carry the signals from the towers to the area they are located in. Microwave signals are the same bandwidth as cell phones.

All public spaces are now 'psycho managed' by this simple system of the presence of cameras (to observe) and cell repeaters (to influence behavior).

I might be being harassed at the Lutheran or Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter again but its very subtle. Its also been pretty peaceful here but thats been becuz they never know when I will come in for an emergency bed. Now I have a two week bed it seems a campaign has begun. I thought I overheard one of the guests saying I was selfish and a bitch. Strange, considering Ive dedicated my whole life to exposing the truth and remaining in poverty and homeless and the people who harass me most seem to be connected to the elite, and the most elite institutions.

Thats what slander and useful idiots are for I guess.

Due to my being militant in defending myself nowadays I can imagine the psych warfare campaign at the Lutheran is going to be clever and subtle. They were sooo disappointed when I brought in a verification letter from the hospital. These children of the elite are dying to believe I am just a lying, full of sh*t typical homeless assh*le. Since thats what society has reduced everyone to nowadays anyway.

I wont soon forget the torment I received in this place years ago when a more conservative power structure resided at Harvard. They still are but now, they cant afford it. The economy is bad and people are noticing things.  Most shelters and drop ins have cleaned up thier acts.

The kids that are still here from that time period seem to feel bad, but not enough. Even though I act as if I dont have an issue with the past its in the interest of having a normal life to maintain...and the fact that kids from Harvard who claim to be doing something good but even think of giving someone like me a hard time are bullsh*t hypocrites who dont deserve to be acknowledged to begin with. If you can play stupid, so can I. You deserve it.

The gang stalking lately is about keeping me controlled in the form I am in now. My hair is very short and I dont look good anymore. I am often tired and my health has waned. There is no homeless scene left for my to call home or family. The young YUPpies in the city now are judgmental, uppity rude assh*les who reject anyone or anything that does not conform- the NWO's dream generation.

This is being used on a daily basis to use shame and intimidation to control me. There is alot of using people to sit near me or stand by me in public spaces. Its an attempt to finally get me to feel comfortable or trust in my oppressors. Keep someone down long enough in shelters in poverty and dependent and then get them comfortable with the 'guards' and the person has a nice case of Stockholm Syndrome for life. Its all part of the behavior modification processes.

Who the f*ck would trust the children of the elite and thier law enforcement anyway? I KNOW what they are doing its just daily trying to live a normal life and avoid it influencing  me.

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