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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday Nights Worst For Tech Torture Here In Boston- Last Post Shows!

Is that last post any sort of testament to how hard Saturdays are in this area much less Saturday nights? Ive always shown that pattern to be true and that last post certainly attests to it.

I am lucky enough to have gone somewhere underground with no cell reception. As I decompressed from the outside environment as such I  immediately asked myself "What the f*ck did I just post?".  It stays on the blog of course becuz everything is supposed to be candid. Showing just how the progression of a TI works and how different locations and time frames change the Target or thier circumstances.

I only remove something if I feel it wasnt meant to be up here or if its truly detrimental to the cause.

Im sure the researchers love it. Its free feedback from the subject. Which is why a TI is probably put into a situation where we have to blog in what we feel is our only mode of self defense.

Note how in the last post I am totally focused on my anger and all my humanity or tolerance is totally removed. I dont know why the Cambridge and Boston area has been like this on Saturdays but Ive documented it making me aggressive like that for a few years now. As opposed to where I was recently in the northwest where it seemed that Saturday was a semi clear day and sort of the pre-clear day before a totally clear Sunday. In this area, it gets so much worse on Saturday then its clear on Sunday. Never as clear as on federal holidays or my birthday. Federal holidays are the best relief. That or if there is a national disaster like a major storm or event where it seems that First Responder services need to be used for such things. Then the remote influence is...diverted. The focus no longer seems to be the TI.

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