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Monday, January 20, 2014

Norwegian Lone Shooter Breivik Linked To MOSSAD (Israeli Intelligence) By Scholar/Youth Camp Attacked Was Engaging In Boycott Israel Campiagns!

Originally claimed he was Christian and wanted to rid the country of Muslims in his manifesto.
He was involved in Freemasonry.

He's been tried and got 21 years, typical for what the Norwegians consider a horrible crime.
He admitted to his actions but did not plead guilty.





What strikes me after reading about all this is the fact that years ago, this man would have simply been percieved as and most likely considered insane. End of story.

The very suspect condition of our modern times is that lone shooters are seen as ultimate villains. Yet, no one focuses on thier MOTIVATIONS for their crimes. Why dont people simply accept that such persons are criminally or clinically insane? Its as if people know there is something else going on and that explanation in these times is simply not enough.

Yet, no one wants to look at very plausible theories like the ones given by myself and others working in this area of what is still stupidly referred  to as 'conspiracy theory', when, if people  just skim content and do light research its obvious that these theories are the most plausible explanations available.

The public would rather insist that the inner mental machinations of such dangerous people (who are always portrayed as loners so anyone wanting privacy or not conforming to society is then perceived as dangerous) are steeped in mystery and that guns are the problem. Guns and terrorism- not the people themselves or the conditions that lead up to them doing such things.

Mainly the masses don't want to live up to the challenges of growing up and joining the 21st century. That would take too much responsibility. That would take doing research, admitting that the powers that have taken a major advantage through superior knowledge and resources, are abusing power and one way to counter this OTHER THAN TERRORISM is to simply become informed about and familiar with, exactly what the 21st century entails. Instead the public have given in to the major beat down that's been going on for a few decades and have bought into the idea of a vague concept of 'terrorism' which doesn't seem to have motives, it just is or the motives given are so ridiculous and nonsensical that anyone who is sane or a reasonable person themselves should question them.

Its the ultimate brainwashing campaign and I cannot believe its succeeded.

For human beings to perform such acts especially when they come to believe they are involved in a war of some kind, like Breivik, you have to start looking at systems of thought reform such as the military uses on people to make them able to commit atrocities in war time. For someone to blow up a building, suicide bomb or shoot a crowd of people, that person has to be driven by something as well as feel so desperate and ultimately isolated from humanity that the act seems redeeming in comparison to going on any longer without committing it.

I notice that the public do not focus on really trying to find out why or gain meaninful, sensible answers.
Its becuz the powers that be have provided answers for them, which benefit them with thier current and future agenda.

 Years ago, people would have been sitting down in front of 60 Minutes, awaiting a fairly long discussion that went into detail explaining why such conditions existed as they do. People needed to understand why and have it explained to them. A vague, catch all concept like 'terrorism' could not be marketed to people as it is today.

People have been brainwashed and partially by appealing to their greed- to believe that they do not have the time to understand why in detail. Nor does it really concern them (becuz deep down they now accept that the powers that be are in charge, not the people) as well as they have been trained to accept that what goes on around them does not concern them unless it involves them directly, their 'community' or they are told to care about it by the majority or powers that be- usually through more marketing via the media.

Terrorism is a lazy, greedy man's way of getting out of actual, genuine 'social responsibility'. Social responsibility isnt something that should have be marketed to people in a corporate, product like catch phrase. Normal, healthy humans should by nature be involved in social responsibility. Its a sick, polluted, captive, dying humanity that has to be told to consider such things, like preschoolers being told when to nap, when to snack and when to play.
Authority has to market social responsibility to you and then designates only a small amount into your life, just enough to make it look like you are actually doing something but not enough to threaten the status quo.
You are being given small doses of something so that you dont realize that its missing from your life in a major way as it should exist naturally if you were allowed to properly question or challenge abuse of power and conditions in society or your 'community'.

The entire western world is now living in a false environment. Its easy to control humans when they exist in such a way. And there is a reward system in place that maximizes feeling good about doing things the way they want you to and a punishment system that makes going against the grain very unpleasant. The younger generations dont even know anything else.

As you read in the links, even Breivik's own lawyer says he's probably insane and that he believes he's in wartime- that his actions began a 60 years war.

How many times do activists like myself have to post that in each incident of a lone shooting, theres either military involved, some connections to Satanism (Sandy Hook), Masonry or the shooter has some delusion about Nazi's?

It could very well be that Israel or at least Zionists (Rothchild) interested in the NWO are utilizing much of what was discovered through Project Paperclip and what was found of Nazi research after the war. Much of the work of Dr Cameron and MK Ultra was supposed to destroy or curb the genetic Germanic character  due to it being determined that Germanic peoples always kept rising up to such levels of destruction and horror that unless the Germanic character and DNA was curbed and destroyed that it would continue to occur.

This could be the pretext for destroying European cultures with mass immigration, replacing the American middle class with the choice of YUPpydom or criminal nigrified ghetto culture etc world wide. So it stands to reason that white supremacy or Nazism must be blamed for the obvious diversionary horrors that occur, so that the true horrors of Diversity assisting to bring in the NWO enslavement of humanity, isnt seen for what it is. Note how one is quick, brute and attention grabbing making good news stories and the other is sloooowww, steady and basically unknown to most Americans or seen for what it is by Europeans. The forces that are at work always do things at a much slower speed, in a bigger range and over longer time periods- and you can be sure that the destroyers provide you with shock, brutality and perfect diversions and scapegoats so the average person doesnt notice the damage and destruction of long term actions.

What they arent telling you is that there is a covert terror campaign going on to ensure such changes are as chaotic and torturous as possible? This assists the brainwashing. Diversity as its being pushed now especially with mass immigration should not be as abusive as it is so why does it cause such pain and suffering to all parties involved then everyone is supposed to pretend everything is OK due to not wanting to be PC incorrect?

Becuz they have to cause constant terror and torture in order to assist in brainwashing. Take a lesson from the Middle Ages and the Inquisition. Its exactly the same tactics.

This guy is either sick and insane or brainwashed/mind controlled to do what he did. No one wants that answers so instead like over religious children we perceive him as some sort of explainable devil (hmm, just like the irrationality of the Inquisition), vilify him and call for more counter terrorism and gun control.

People know that the world is failing. The environment is screwed and that America IS guilty of war crimes if not that 9-11 and other events have been false flag. Its so terrible, so traumatizing that no one can face the truth and besides- the rewards system for NOT facing truth is far more attractive than being punished or killed for seeking truth.

I often wonder if the powers behind all this utilize constant sympathy for Israel or Israel itself in thier NWO plans. To make a man believe he sees Nazis in his co-workers at the post office so he goes postal and shoots them...for Anders Breivik to claim he was really a Nazi all along when his manifesto claimed something very different certainly serves those purposes.

Its also a hell of a diversion. Nazis were not the all time greatest criminal minds in wartime on the planet ever (according to the media fed 20th century mind). Its simply that they left behind such spectacularly garish, insane spectacle in pre recorded light and sound images that humans have no choice but to keep focusing on it. Imagine if the Romans or Genghis Khan had left behind such media images. The Nazis were a temporary boys club of wounded WW1 veterans on opiates, dabbling in the occult and UFO's in comparison to history's long sordid list of atrocities and criminally insane geniuses.
And to that end if you want to look at what they did that was most damaging its not what you are supposed to focus on. Its the latter I mentioned. All the experimentation and the progresses in science, the occult etc. Imagine the forces behind the NWO getting thier hands on that to use to thier own advantage.

Exactly. If Nazi's are alive they certainly are destroying everything one would think they stand for protecting. It seems however that the long dead cult provide great diversion and even provide something of a modern day Devil for a now ignorant, childish public to focus on.

I also think that Breivik was possibly promised some sort of deal if he played for the psy ops people by changing his story to such nonsense. Either that or he is simply an expendable puppet whos doing what he was planned to do.

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