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Friday, January 10, 2014

Mass Immigration Into Europe To Destroy Ethnic Identities For New World Order

"European politicians try to convince us that it is our moral duty to make our countries open to unrestricted immigration because of “human rights” and “our historical responsibility”.

In Germany, it is because of the Holocaust. In France and England, it is colonialism. In the United States, slavery, etc.

And what is the real reason for the mass immigration? The international bankers and their henchmen, the politicians, want to replace the European nations with a mixed culture and national identity-free people to build a perfect system of exploitation: the “New World Order.”

Politics and high finance work hand ind hand. We will become prisoners in our own countries. Victims of our “humanity,” our misunderstood tolerance of intolerance. And in the end we will all disappear when it goes on like this."

Isnt it strange that such a people who resist change based on the fact they have thier own ancient religions and they are essentially a very successful indigenous population to the land, are now doomed by the worst nuclear accident in history?

Perhaps it wasnt an accident. There are technologies that can cause changes in weather and even earthquakes. Sound and invisible waves can do alot of damage.

If ever you visit Japan and they tell you you're a foreigner and you will never be considered Japanese, dont respond with being offended. Respect thier strength and ability to protect thier own people and their land.

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