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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scapegoating Varg Vikernes aka Burzum ..More NWO Antics

The great clean up operation. Get rid of ANYONE no matter how alternative, fringe or otherwise who sees even an iota of whats going on in the NWO.

The story is a total propaganda job taking advantage of the fact most people dont really know anything about the scene he's from or his work.

In short I can tell you one thing: If he was going to act in violence it probably wouldn't be done so carelessly. They probably wanted the weapons for protection or coming martial law.

He's not a lone shooter type- he comes out of a social scene of similar people with similar belief systems. Hes got a social network and it seems a support system.
I dont recall the Norwegian lone shooter going to buy weapons with his wife in tow. He has children also.

There are multiple photos of people from that scene with guns and they reside in Norway. Its part of thier black metal culture to have implements of violence they arent supposed to have.

OH NO!! I've read Varg's website to read his writings!!
Anders Behring Breivik read his site also! He sent him a manifesto...
I have read about Breivik. Perhaps Breivik even read my site.
Maybe Varg had read my site..maybe....
Its all connected! And that means anyone who reads anyone else's writings or sends in thier material are all dangers to society who are going to snap at any time!

Oh shit!

Well, guess what? Ive written multiple times on this blog about how this entire system actually causes people to snap..and frames people up. So that would mean that this article possibly only makes it look more ridiculous that the NWO is continuing to try to link everyone together who isnt going along with the program and try to frame targeted people.

I was told by a daughter of an Air Force officer in 2008 they were planning to try to frame me up for robbing a bank- which everyone thought was utterly ridiculous. But thats what they do!! Hmm, didnt the author of Illuminati Formula For Creating A Mind Controlled Slave Fritz Springmier was caught robbing a bank which was totally out of character and out of line with his activism?

And the last line just makes it more obvious its slander and persecution. It makes sure to state that he criticizes the lone shooter for killing people in Norway. So, why would he be incited to similar violence?

The connection to Anders Behring Breivik is absolutely ridiculous. Is that what passes for freedom of speech in Europe? That means our homelands are gone..completely. In the USA this connection wouldnt even fly at all. You woudl just st be in trouble for buying guns without permits not your beliefs. Unless you had a compound and were running a militia.

What they do is psychologically profile people. Varg has acted out violently in the past. His actions have all been limited to personal interactions or within his musical field.

What his other affiliations are I dont know. But the intelligence services should know. Weapons and beliefs that are unpopular dont constitute terrorism.

This is another example why America isnt the greatest country but we have THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Even though covert warfare make it so many people cant utilize that right to the full extent or to defend themselves.

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