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Friday, January 17, 2014

Mind Controlling GS Harassment At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Documentation of harassment at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center whilst in the Shapiro Bldng as a patient attending an appointment.

While attending to a doctor’s appointment at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Brookline, MA on January 1st, 2014 I encountered harassment that most certainly in my experience and that of other targeted persons would constitute a psychological warfare operation or organized stalking and harassment by multiple persons or a network of persons working together.

First I encountered an African American couple in an elevator who commented on my backpack in a negative, condescending manner then touched my backpack or gear and engaged in personal space invasion, perhaps in an attempt to cause a reaction or outburst from me. This caused me much duress and emotional stress. This encounter finished with them laughing at me and my apparent situation and gear.

I then reached the second floor above the lobby where I was organizing my appointments in my phone and notebook. I stood near the elevators leaning against a railing overlooking the lobby and entrance to Shapiro Bldg.

A light skinned black male wearing black and red made eye contact and was whistling in a manner consistent with previous harassment Ive encountered over the years where whistling is used to anchor me as a psychological warfare target, always from males engaging in intimidation. He headed to the elevator behind me but did not go anywhere in the elevator just stood there.

This seems to be part of the process TIs are put through before actual harassment is applied, where the Target is primed or the victim’s attention is gotten and they are ‘pulled into’ a harassment group’s control if you will.
To the TI this seems almost like an abduction or a psychological abduction that occurs before actual overt harassment occurs.

The black male continued to stand in the elevator, whistling and staring right through me it seemed.

As this activity continued an elderly African American female walked by with a cane going past me away from the elevators just as an older Caucasian male with a limp came from that same hallway, approached me, looked over my shoulder at my notebook in very close physical proximity to me, then walked away down the same hallway he had just come from, that the woman with the cane had gone down.

Moments later an Asian male also did the same thing as the white male, looking over my shoulder at the content of my notebook then walking away. All very intimidating.

I arrived at my appointment 4 hours and 40 minutes late due to a mix up in my scheduling. This could possibly indicate that an unexpected arrival of a Targeted Individual to this facility is received with HUMINT or human forces doing ‘gang stalking’ organized harassment because the system is not using a pre planned targeting of a TI from remote influence utilizing technologies which would be used to target the person if they showed up at their usual planned appointment time. I have experienced there to be the use of behavioral controlling and conditioning influences in use at times I frequent this facility for scheduled appointments but not at other times Ive been in this building.

Unexpected arrival of Target = no planned remote influence.

The first and foremost rule of thumb Ive discovered as a Targeted Individual across the USA in every town and city is that
-Where there is heavy use of TECHNOLOGIES, there will be minimal or no HUMAN FORCES performing organized stalking and harassment (aka gang stalking) from actual live human beings in person, either in vehicles or on foot
Where there is heavy use of HUMAN FORCES performing organized stalking activity (aka gang stalking) there will be minimal use of TECHNOLOGIES to control Targeted Individuals.

This seems to be what I experienced at this hospital.

It could also be that I experienced this due to the action of going up to the office of the doctor I was late for to reschedule and calling Registration to fix some information on my patient accounts.

Doing so was me gaining a victory over a mistake or attempt at the system yet again trying to deny me medical care through gang stalking specifically in the Boston area.

Logically, gang stalking had to be used to regain psychological control over me, the Target and the fight-or-flight response then returned putting me back into a controllable state. I had also diverted a tactic being used by Registration that was controlling (typical of the psychological ops style of the Boston area in many of my years of experience) thus this might have also made the system seek to regain a submissive or hypnotic state from me as a Targeted Individual.

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