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Monday, January 6, 2014

Police Department Rewards Officer Caught By An Online Pedophile Sting With Full Retirement Benefits

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stephan said...

Well I contacted u a while back im 18 and homeless and targeted Im scared and I asked u for advice and u just ignored me. U dont care about TIs anymore u dont even take the chance to talk to me because u dont wanna waste ur time because I might be a perp so u just dont answer well thats fucked up.. hows that work ur gonna not hekp other targets to save urself a little time wtf that means they are winning and blocking u Idk what to do now I have a car but its so cold in the northeast the police here always harass me Im so cold and they wont let me stay at the shelter cause im a drug felon my bf is in jail I knoe they just wanna put me back in jail im so scared theyre gonna kill me tjeres a young cop he keeps threatening me he likes harassing me its like 10 below outside I have nowhere to go the girl said I csnt stay in this mcdonalss after closing Im in rural area I have no where go i might die maybe ill just refuse and go back to jail I know that's what they want I csnt get a job I get harassed all day im only 18 I someyimes find a place on Craigslist but yhey want sex in return idk I have no one and the perps have gotten to uou cause now u dont even help us anymore cause ur too concerned I might be a perp wtf so u dont even give anyone a chance then thry won with all this shit they won. Im gay and im 18 btw when I called the police for help tjey laughed and told me to walk around walmart but I get heavily targeyted in there. And my bf he is 24 but hes in jail because they claim he kidnapped a little girl for ransom but really he was her baby sitter and the people were his friends but it terns out they were actuallly perps I think cause they live in the projects here but I noticed suddenyl they got new car so I think they got paid to set uo my bf

I HAVE PROOF I can show u the newz stories online and videos on thr news of whst they did to my bf he is scared too