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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Experiencing Break In The Miserable, Oppressive Remote Influence In This Area-Snowstorm?

I'm in the Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter @ The Lutheran (HSHS) as its open during day due to snowstorm.

Either this place is involved in continued experimentation through Harvard's involvement in MK Ultra (as documented) when we stay here at night or there is a  lack of influence in the entire area due to the state of emergency declared by state officials due to snow and low temps.

Its been a pattern in MA that during any sort of emergency declared or impending disaster that all of the resources that seem to go towards targeting individuals or psychomanaging of the environment get lifted during those situations. Every single time this is the case.

However, it could be in addition that this building, a church basement that's been redone, has its own remote influence. The shelter is open from 7pm-8am usually. There's also something funny with the cell phone I have, it works down here but then its as if the signal gets fixed on or something and it then says no service.
Someone said its the cinder blocks- the solid design of the building that keep out cell service. So why does it work for  a minute or two then says no service?  This has been true in other buildings also as I have a cell service that isn't like the major companies as well as I have a 'stupid phone' not a smart phone. They seem to work down here with other companies of course.

I can feel that people are home from work. Children are home from school, playing. Houseless people are inside out of the snow.

This is what America used to be like. We were a country, not divided as we have become. Divided, miserable, enslaved and zombie like.
In moments like these you realize just what these operations using tech, chemical influence and psy ops with human forces has done to the United States and it wakes me up and realize who I am once again and how important my mission is.

Staying in MA in the winter is sort of a bad idea. Theres some sort of influence here that is overbearing, depressing and not the fun winters I remember when younger. Of course, this changes in spring and the entire system switches over when the students graduate or leave for summer to less remote influence and an influx of legions of psy ops people. Black ops whatever you want to call all the perps that guard this place for the tourist season and influence the environment.

Its so damn awful in the winters and it might be that they dole out heavy doses of electromagnetic radiation either for the continued effect of electromag pollution to destroy the population slowly or for a more intense behavior modification program during the winter that people can blame on Seasonal Affective Disorder or what have you. It certainly would be theory increase the use and sales of psychiatrists and Big Pharma.

I love 'clear' days. Federal holidays and days like this are the only clear days in the metro Boston area, in the middle of the cities like Cambridge. Sundays are missing some sort of influence that occurs during the week but there clearly is still a remaining influence from either tech or chem or a combination. Something changes on Sundays and actually its not pleasant the effects that remain. I find myself very depressed and falling out of my routine and disciplines which fall back into line on Monday.

I appreciate days like this when I get to live in what remains of real reality on earth in a world that resembles the one I grew up in, before being targeted after the my mother attempted to go to the Presidents Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments and then 9-11,GW Bush era.

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