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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hate Mail Call! Saturday Jan. 18, 2014

"LOL You're one to talk about criminal activity with your speckled record. How do you expect anybody to take you seriously? on System Seems To Be Going For The Throat
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on 1/17/14" "speckled" even a word? This comment is meant for me to divulge if I have any sort of rap sheet or not publicly. Which I am not going to do. Nice try though.
Its interesting to analyze these comments. What, exactly is this supposed to accomplish in the psychological warfare campaign? I guess they just wanted to say 'hi'.

"Youve turned this space into a soap box for you to bs about your boyfiend and social life instead of focusing on gs. This is just pulp fiction soap opera bs and I'm done reading your blogs because you're so self-absorbed anymore. I guess if you can't beat Em join em? Is that how it works Rachael?? You would know (sell out) on Keep Getting Visions of Local Woman Known To Me In Relation To My Now Jailed Companion
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disappointed follower

on 1/14/14"

"Soapbox"? How motherf*ckin old is that term 'soapbox'? Nice mirroring tactic, using terms I use like 'bs' and 'gs'.

Write your own blog and stop commenting on mine.

1 comment:

mej313 said...

Your personal story is all part of the GS behavior modification torture and it's very good that you add these personal accounts in your blog. If you just stuck to purely MK ULTRA or GS material it would be a sterile and almost mundane blog. This is what keeps it "real" in my opinion, along with your colloquialisms and ideas, whether it's agreeable of Politically Correct (as the old school term has been used). That's probably a threat to them, that you retain your personal life and add personal touches to your blog, including your history of having been part of illegal activities which, as you clearly and accurately note, are far fewer and less criminal than the majority of real criminals who never get caught and get rewarded in the system.

My father (not the professor but my biological father) also worked for the Italian mafia almost to the end of his life (all over the US, even in Hawaii)--my uncle in Miami (whom I met one time but talked to on the phone) named Robert "Bob" Josefsberg (a name I abhor by now and would gladly change) is a Criminal Defense lawyer, big time, in Miami. He was Jim Morrison's defense attorney btw, only because the venue Morrison got arrested in was controlled by a company which hired my Uncle as their lawyer--not because my Uncle gave a damn about Morrison and in fact his wife my "aunt" claims she refused to let her precious brainwashed children even meet Morrison and that he was a "bad influence"--and with that negativity I just wonder why Morrison's career declined up to his early death (probably in another COINTELPRO murder, which I'm certain my Uncle helped run smoothly, providing personal details about Morrison). But I father worked for Mafia after having graduated from Yale Law School (Phi Beta Kappa he claims), says it was the "only" job he could get after graduating in competitive NYC. Right. I see corresponding patterns in your personal account with mine--what they have done to you, and your "blonde perfect" members of your family really has not much to do with racist attributes but is, I believe, a larger pattern that they just put onto yet another broken and destroyed family system. These people can't create much new, what they do is brainstorm on how to make a person or group/family fit into the patterns they have been handed down so they can perform their skits and mind control according to instruction, which means that their protocol is extremely regimented and uncreative and they are, of course brainwashed mind controlled zombies just following orders---to make even dysfunctional families follow the same patterns, regardless of coloring, I believe but I have not done any type of research to validate my opinion since I have very little access to the machinations of MK ULTRA family systems beyond a few blogs and my own personal account--which your account seems to echo in many key aspects.