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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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mej313 said...

I never hear about this anywhere, but on 9/11 I was living in Gainesville, Florida. It's where the University of Florida is situation. On that day, the city buses had been advertising for weeks that on September 11 there would be no bus fare and all buses would be free. They had never done that before or after 9/11. It's one of those proofs that 9/11 had been planned on so many levels including major universities, but no mention of this anywhere (as usual I have not done an internet search on the subject, or when I did in the past I found nothing regarding the University bus system in Gainesville.

I recall that something important happened on September 11 in the Middle Ages pertaining to secret societies like Illuminati, on one of William Cooper's Mystery Babylon lectures, but I cannot find the reference. I think someone important to Masonry was murdered on that day, I was thinking of Hiram Abriff but I could find no reference to the day he was killed and I haven't done very much research on this.