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Saturday, January 11, 2014


You wanna make nice? You wanna put things in place and 'move forward'? 

That doesnt consist of me being silenced permanently and going to UMASS. It consists of me exposing everything thats happened to me for the past years since this bullshit started in earnest in 2003 or better yet 1997 as I was targeted overtly then notably AFTER my mother was going to attend the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in 1995 due to her being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra with both parents US Marines.

Retrobution would consist of every single person who screwed me over being exposed for what they did even punished. Then of course there is official acknowledment of how much brain damage I have now due to not only that moldy apartment I was kept in with psychological warfare (and made moldy by pipes being burst on purpose in two locations) but with years of being dosed with unknown substances by asshole perps with spray bottles in public spaces, in food or in air vents etc. Microwaved, radiated etc.
Run ragged by years of being forced to live out of a backpack on the road since 2006. That alone has caused major degeneration of joints and more.

Ive also been prvented from getting my liver disease treated which I was going to proceed with if it was pressing compared to going to college.

My female organs have also been damaged by being forced to live on the road.

Lost wages, opportunities, the loss of multi talents some latent and just being discovered while finally living on my own in Brighton including singing which now will never happen due to mold damaging my lungs permanently.

The damage to my eyes makes it so I no longer want to read and thats been since 2006 as well as I cant draw due to my eyes and my pinky finger being amputated as I was forced into livng with a criminal posing as a TI who was breeding dogs illegally and one bit my finger off as well as ripped out my tendon on my left arm leaving it permanently weakened.

I cant have nightmares about whats occured becuz of the brain damage I no longer dream. Ive had a total of maybe three dreams as normal people know them and as I remember them since 2006. The only nightmares I have are related to ritual abuse which I should have been able to get rid of had I been allowed to deal with it as I should and see a therapist and hypnotist in 2004.

The emotional, mental and spiritual damage is probably not even concievable to most Americans who arent familiarized with long term torture of a human being.

I am functioning carrying alot of damage specifically brain damage. This is in reality part of the MK Ultra program. THE SYSTEM WANTS ME TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND COLLEGE WITH THIS MUCH DAMAGE. To see if they can behavior modify human beings to be controlled like dolls or robots via OUTSIDE forces such as chemtrails, psycholigical conditioning (stalking and harassment via humans) and mind control through technologies.

Can I compartmentalize and heal myself to the point of functioning normally. Imagine thier wonderful soldier of the future: functioning with such damage either on the battlefield or in society.

We have become a militarized society. We are occupied by a military dictatorship and its being done through military technolgies and means: no banners, no fanfare, no speeches, no uniforms, no gloryfests. But you better wake up and realize thats whats happening.

The only way for me to get what I deserve for what Ive been through is to write a book telling everyone who will listen exactly what happened and for people to realize the dangers of the NWO and the forces and people behind it. If I can sue and gain some documentation and damages then fine but they could give me a billion dollars and it still wouldnt bring me back to where I was with all that I had inside of me to offer in 2003. Or 1996 even.

Going to UMASS and conforming would only assist the continued unethnical human experimentation. WHY WOULD I DO THAT?

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mej313 said...

Fuck them, please fuck them over I want to read about it and see you succeed--it's all I can say all I can do. But I have to say that going to grad school was a good experience for me, despite the many abusive professors. I recommend online classes where people can't easily attack you since there is a politeness requirement of students in an online class. The GS pos itential is much redced and you can learn a lot and have a very good experience--except that if you can't read that will destroy it. What about taking film classes? Just an idea. I wish I could help more. I am stuck as you know myself, always sick from the poisoning which is like having r pes t yping my hips and spine into the wrong position and shitting horrible black stinking mind control poisones and chemicals out of my body daily for years. I still can't beleive this shit is going on and on with this ferocity in America.