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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keep Getting Visions of Local Woman Known To Me In Relation To My Now Jailed Companion

In relation to him I keep getting these remote viewings and I have regularly. I had a remote viewing of him being with his ex girlfriend one day near the pond in the Boston Commons where they have swan boats a few weeks ago. He told me he was with her that day in that location.

Now when I last went to visit him I left and soon started having visions of his former girlfriend (not the one I just mentioned he was visiting in the Commmons with in Boston) who he lived with a local woman known to me as Patches. I keep getting these impressions of some connection to him. As if there is something suspect going on either a continued love affair or...that she's involved in the gang stalking on some level, even if she doesnt know thats what it is or that its connected to MK Ultra.

She keeps popping up in my mind in relation to him. From what Ive seen of him he cant be trusted. The last thing I need is another diversion.

But then it might be the system trying to make me become paranoid about him and have me screw it up. Logically hes a waste of time. But there is something to this, if only my first legal challenge becuz if he is telling the truth I dont think his situation is completely fair.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this. Every time I am around him I walk away with these paranoid impressions of this ex of his.

I rarely get remote viewings but I have in the past. When I do its usually something that needs to be put to me in that way for me to pay attention to it or the content is seemingly important. Yet, obviously like everything else, remote viewings can be mere illusions, put there for the purpose of diversion and deception.

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