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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Must Register Identity To Comment Once Again

Sorry but I gotta put comments back to giving some kind of identity.

Im getting alot of the psych warfare which consists mostly of this:

"Ur Discredited haha on BATR: Totalitarian Collectivism
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on 1/2/14

And this one person who just writes bullshit constantly like he should get his own blog. Its probably a perp but it might be a selfish, greedy TI who's bored or wants to talk so he writes endlessly to the comment box. Its a perp and I cant read through so much bullshit. Here is an example of the crap I have to read through:

"Do you get plenty of perps mobbing you in cars? I get so many perps (guys, mainly) doing fist gestures and other kinds of gestures. I even got an older couple doing a skit with their car, stopping short of the stoplight and imitating laughter. Had to be late 70's as least. Imagine what that implies: people around age 80 doing harassment skits. And even seniors in a retirement home were doing gestures to the forehead as I walked past. So, there are people born in the 1930's and 1940's doing harassment skits, then. Imagine how many decades of maturity and life experience they have. Now what would possess them, then, to participate in mobbing skits with the rest of the asshole sheep? I'm not doing it, and I'm half their age. Am I somehow more mature, or merely of much stronger constitution? It's like, "Angelo, we've been alive for 70+ years, and all we've got to show for it is mobbing someone half our age with more talent than we. Better go along with the sheep, Angelo!" on LA Times-Spy wars: Americans Need To Know More Than Snowden Has Revealed
at 11:12 PM
I've seen cops trolling the streets here in town, and they always seem to focus on me, despite the fact that 5 young kids who were past curfew were out yelling and harassing me. So why weren't they cited and their parents called? Why, because they were on harassment duty, of course! and people that do the work that corrupt authority wants while acting like brats who seem to think they are all bad-ass get ignored or a free pass to do whatever they please. And the cop is trolling, looking at what I'm doing instead!! And the kids didn't get in trouble at all. They make trolling the victim a higher priority when there are perps out, even underage troublemaking brats. on LA Times-Spy wars: Americans Need To Know More Than Snowden Has Revealed
on 12/31/13
How much is jealousy and how much is misinformation (slander and cover stories)? I am seeing a lot of just simple jealousy as a motive here in my campaign. Like one young perp is an obvious addict, opens the store late very consistently, yet this one perp was actually give a huge bonus! What?! And this perp is generally a crybaby and causes major drama all the time, as well as has major life issues that need straightened out. Yet the perp gets a BONUS?!! Haha! Well, there's this "thing" going on between the perp and the manager of the place, see, and this person can never ever get fired because of this, and actually gets pay raises and bonuses for being a spoiled rotten little brat. The system actually encourages people to be spoiled rotten little brats, and rewards them and punishes us. And this perp is still causing drama with me, despite deserving to get punished or outright fired. See what happens when they pamper the trouble-making brats? I have gotten fired for on LA Times-Spy wars: Americans Need To Know More Than Snowden Has Revealed
on 12/31/13
The things they say in directed conversations are just plain ridiculous, and I also think disgraceful is a word. I reached a conclusion just now that the main goal of perp conversations is to get a target frustrated and confused as well as angry. An example is that there is an element of truth to them, gained from the Intel of the system itself, mixed in with something scathing to get the target to react internally in some way. I think that's the purpose. A good example: when I fight the system hard, they stage a conversation where the perp is playing the role of victim, OK, and making sure the perp is someone that has picked on, harassed, bullied the target in the past for better gains. And they having the perp insinuate that the victim "targets" the perp, "bullies" the perp, etc., "yells at" the perp, etc., thus exchanging perp-victim roles. It's supposed to signify that the victim is fighting the system, and now the system is claiming (via the perp's phony victimization on LA Times-Spy wars: Americans Need To Know More Than Snowden Has Revealed"


Listen, one person-ME the author being belligerent all the time is enough. Get yer own blogs if you want to describe whats happening to you. If you post it anonymously what good is it doing anyway?

Post things that other TI's will find insightful or useful. Its getting worse out here for alot of us. The world is just plodding along as if nothing is wrong with Fukashima continuing to radiate the environment and obviously for those of you who are observant- its affecting the sanity of the public. That nuclear fallout is doing real damage to the environment in the form of people's health but you can feel the difference more than ever once you go inside a safe area like a basement or other wi fi and cell phone free areas. In alot of areas the public are seeming more and more zombie-like. Radiation exposure is documented to make you 'flat' emotionally.

There's no time for screwing around like leaving long winded comments that complain and put people down. Its a waste of time especially if you are posting anonymously.

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