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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why So Many Service Workers Are Involved In Gang Stalking,Especially Last Election Time?- SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION

"The union is also known for its Justice for Janitors program and strong support for Democratic candidates. It spent $28 million supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, making it the "organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president.""----

"In January 2011, The National Labor Relations Board issued a report finding that SEIU unlawfully threatened Kaiser Permanente employees with loss of wages and benefits if a rival union won the election and that SEIU had engaged in various acts of physical force and violence against supporters of a rival union."----

"In December 2010, SEIU agreed in a settlement to stop trying to prevent workers who do not support its activities from coming to work at Morehouse College dining venues operated by Sodexo. The settlement also forces SEIU to post notice that it will not "restrain or coerce" Sodexo employees.[40] According to Sodexo, SEIU leads a smear campaign to spread misinformation about Sodexo in an attempt to drive out UNITE HERE and other unions that have historically operated within the food service industry.

Sodexo USA filed a civil lawsuit against SEIU under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act on March 17, 2011. In the complaint, Sodexo alleges that SEIU engaged in blackmail, vandalism, trespassing, harassment, and lobbying law violations, referring to the "Clean Up Sodexo" campaign as "old-fashioned, strongarm tactics" and SEIU behavior as "egregious" and "illegal."[42][43] This suit was settled in September 2011; the parties withdrew their respective charges and lawsuits and SEIU terminated its public campaign focused on Sodexo.

During a drive to organize 10,000 healthcare workers in November 2009, SEIU was accused of ballot rigging and using intimidation to persuade workers to vote in SEIU instead of the National Union of Healthcare Workers as their representative.

Aramark employees from Johns Hopkins University, Towson University, Morgan State University and Coppin State University, as well as students from all four universities, participated in a protest alleging SEIU was acting to prevent a fair employee representation by the union of their choice.

The SEIU's tactics were featured in a book entitled The Devil At My Doorstep chronicling the 3 year battle between the union and an Indiana based building services company"

Its the modern YUPpie mentality to not want to believe that unions practice the same Jimmy Hoffa-esque kind of organized crime fashion of behavior. It doesnt seem like this type of behavior every stops in union culture really. Some are just more notorious and hard core than others. Every trucker I talk to especially the older ones speak of sabotage being used regularly to screw up a trucker's rig if its agreed upon that he's a problem, usually in company settings or some sort of specific thing going on like a strike.

These people are international. Thats pretty big for a union. And they have all types of different workers with them as members, thats alot of people.

Every TI can attest to security guards, janitorial staff, nurses, medical secretaries, and others on the list of those part of this union as being part of gang stalking and organized harassment. And this also makes sense becuz these types of people usually arent doing anything too complicated like other types of gang stalking perps. They are usually engaged in just plain harassment like sabotage, direct verbal harassment, cleaning staff will show up at 7 am in hotels and act innocent about it, security guards stalk or use specific moves and timing to create a pattern with other people in 'authority' or similar types of workers the TI deals with, so in each city you go to during a period of time- every security guard does the same tactics to let you know that they are part of this system and you are being watched, stalked- controlled basically. Other security guards just abuse, mock and overtly laugh at you and mess with you.

Others make sure they stalk you in parking lots around the country and even question you. I've experienced them also knowing my name and where I am from when I have just arrived in a state thousands of miles away.

Ive posted before that the FBI lists gangs such as The Bloods as having "intimidation" as part of the business they conduct to make money. We see plainly that this union has been invovled with "intimidation", strong arm tactics and similar to gain its own ends and for its special interests. Dont tell me that would not include doing whatever, to whoever, for whoever they had to to get Obama elected. Whatever that might entail.
Or even just partaking in intimidation to gain opportunities or secure top positions.
Ive never seen or heard of any organization or individual who has not engaged in gang stalking who has not either benefited greatly and gone onto opportunities that would NOT have been available to them otherwise or they were in danger of being exposed for something and never did get in trouble for it.

Its documented that they use intimidation to get people to stay with them or pay them dues or to make themselves the top union. Perhaps these intimidation services are what got them to their international size and thier place as top union.

I once saw this video clip of Giuliani dealing with a city worker who was bringing up this issue of Giuliani's face on the sides of buses for some ads for something. The guy in the just reeked of organized or pre meditated harassment or making a scene to influence events or people's perceptions.
Giuliani spoke up, like a lawyer would in court, and pointed out this has nothing to do with those ads. I was interested moreso in his next statement where he exclaims that they are "just a bunch of bullies". In this context he is basically connecting this man to a larger group with an agenda.

That stuck with me becuz it seemed like the kind of guy that does harassment in gang stalking. So fake and just trying to make an innocent person look bad by drawing attention to something thats bs basically and not relevant. This is what gang stalkers do all the time.

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