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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

America Is Built On Theivery, Why Expect Any Different Today?

I loved my country but with the current changes I feel my homeland has been deconstructed. Its a place where one can no longer live with its denial or story lines.

Such as crying foul when the Constitution is not respected yet if one looks at history, the original Native treaties were never respected so it actually shows a pattern in this country's behavior, policies and its long time power brokers and families that shaped this country and still do. We'd like to think of the forefathers as noble and the Constitution as something we live by and our authorities respect due to its being created for our protection and for us to be able to protect ourselves, in the face of oppression.

Yet when a president is quoted as saying the Constitution is just a piece of paper, isnt that just what was said about those treaties and deals and deeds made with the United States original inhabitants? Why do we expect any different sort of treatment now? THIS IS THE WAY ITS ALWAYS BEEN HERE.

And to be fair to the 'forefathers' and the creators of a system that is supposed to protect us or give us the right to defend ourselves Americans in recent history have either been totally ignored and not given the media outlets to be heard when vehemently protesting against policies they disagree with, been too easily manipulated into going against thier own interests by falsified protests or movements or most recently just being too lazy, trapped, brainwashed or consumerist to act or even care or bother finding the information that would reveal whats really going on.

You reap what you sow. And when you are manipulated into acting or not acting even if your nation claims to be a free country or a democracy it can potentially be as controlled as East Germany or the USSR ever was. All I have experienced is in democracies the oppression is done through covert means and kept very secret and quiet so that the citizens do not realize there is such oppression and controls. So there is no public outcry. And if there is awareness they are tempted to do nothing becuz it just seems like its only a minority who are being harmed and ultimately the country is pretty good for most and perhaps the authorities know what they are doing. Perhaps the person is a threat to their way of life.

America has the greatest system of oppression there is- its based on reward not on denial. In each of the countries that is outright oppressed there is always a want for goods or services, a black market. Rewards are given to those who go the authorities way of doing things.
Its the same here now more than ever but becuz the country is so big and there's so many people actually doing well, the people who have to play thier way to get what they need arent even noticeable and the minority who are being oppressed are negligible.

Its much more disgusting when a nation markets itself as the most wonderful place on earth to live and the freest country on the planet yet has the means of oppression much like any overtly oppressed nation in history.
Its the American mind set right now to think that we are better becuz someone like me is not being killed outright or having my organs harvested. That being given behavior modification is productive and all I need to is get a job and absorb into society as if I am totally normal and no covert anything exists at all.
I would rather be dead right now than have lived this life for the past ten years. And with my situation, that is actually what was supposed to happen and its typical of a nation like this to find keeping people who should be dead, alive to show how wonderful they are in human rights and medicine.
There was a woman with one third of her brain removed at a sober house type place I lived in this year. She looked normal until she was around for a while. Totally non functional. Her behavior was totally out of line with reality. She was shipped off within a day to some other place more equipped to care for her. Afterwards I learned that she was this way becuz she had a car accident years ago and doctors removed a portion of her brain.
Its one of those times when one sees the folly of the medical field. That saving all human life just isnt the way in some cases. By all rights that woman should be dead. She isnt supposed to be here. That is why she isnt functioning. Its like Frankenstein. What they did to her is keeping a dead woman alive and she is now not designed to function in the world of other humans and the reality they've created.

This kind of sick playing god is experienced by all TI's especially Survivors of mind control projects. We live the extreme example and are considered pet projects almost as we are usually people with alot of assets who are damaged just enough to make us pliable to be remade. But its exactly the same as that woman. If you dont let Nature take its course (as in deprogramming Survivors who are capable of reprogramming and do not need behavior modification) you are no better than a hack, quack or someone who is a mad scientist.

The public are naive enough to not link serial killer behaviors with people they know in society.
Its laughable that they dont ever consider the fact that ever serial killer ever documented and made into pop culture via media has been someone without the financial means and social status or connections to avoid being caught or brought to justice for thier crimes.

I can attest to the fact that rich untouchable criminals with connections do not get caught and never are brought to justice. I've experienced that just in the local cover story.

And sometimes, as in DARPA and the military industrial complex, these people make an industry out of death, murder and killing. With precision. Intelligence. Stealth. The public doesnt even percieve of it as a death cult. The business of death and killing.

And they laughably dont believe the people they do know about right in front of them are as disturbed as suspected or through years of incidence which should at least arouse permanent suspicion, forget about them thinking about the people they DONT see or know about who are in power.

Such a nation is controlled via brain washing. Now its outright mass mind control via technologies as outlined in the MIND WAR paper and various chemical means. And for such a nation it wasnt hard to replace all of our government's symbols with corporate logos. It was easy to erase most of the Colonial, Native American, ornate European style and other 'Americana' artwork and decor in public spaces and replace it with designs specifically reflecting a corporate culture- via gentrification and rebuilding cities to be 'world class' upscaled. The only signs of our history left are to make money off of tourists.

I read in Barron's years ago this finance wiz named Byron Wein embarrassed his firm around '96 or so as I recall, by claiming in that Europe was going to be an open air museum in ten (20?) years. Reading it however,with that much arrogance in its telling, I knew that truly informed were genuinely planning something akin to what we see today. So many people I knew even then were getting run out of this state by the changes in MA and New England and telling me to move to the southwest. A few years later the sentiment was head to Europe, just leave the country.

Its impossible to break the mind control over the public here. It took me this long just to finally stop compartmentalizing and seperating the forefathers and Constitution from what was done to the Natives. Even though I knew full well of each I simply could not equate such an action with the forefather's themselves. The truth is that the genocide of America's indigenous peoples must be accounted for instead of ignored. Not because its the right thing to do or its just even but becuz its the harsh reality of what the people who created this country will do to get what they want for themselves and thier citizenery who are in agreement with them. Its what they are still doing now and its what they have always done and will always continue to do-overseas and domestically.
The only thing stopping anyone from seeing that as a reality is this romanticism attached to the founding fathers and the Constitution.

My ancestors werent here yet. Perhaps it was never meant to include me. I am also a woman. It was never meant to include me. And it certainly never included the Native Americans.

It seems according to history whatever great idea they came up with was basically systematically hijacked by special interests and corporations in just a century after the revolution.

This country is built on slave labor. Literally. This country is a creation of falsehoods, deceptions and broken promises. Thievery. Manifest Destiny (which still fits in with how they think about thier success now internationally here). WHY WOULD YOU BE EXPECTING ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT NOWADAYS? Its what American does.

There's no need to be disillusioned becuz there never was anything to lose belief in to begin with.
The only way to perceive things now is to use the Gen X cynical approach: America DOESN'T suck. Thats it really. True it could be China or India. It could be somewhere where a life of oppression would be much worse. Its still a life of oppression however. Being an American simply makes it a better standard of living for a life of total oppression.

At least I will never again have to wonder about the Constitution and why isnt anyone doing anything or how can the powers that be get away with this. The country was built this way. As it seems thier NWO will be built on the same systematic destruction of any cultures or individuals in the way of thier destiny.

(And yes I realize that Natives would prefer nowadays not to use pics of Natives as they were portrayed historically. But its the original affronts I am using as example and its the single most compelling example. Any comments let me know.)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, over here they simply hide when they are oppressing you. Or they hide and do their "attacks" within their huge mob contruct. One reason this does work is because they are not targets and we are, and they know that hiding in their mob and throwing rocks at us is not going to have consequences for them. And what they do as individuals yet part of the mob "pie" is hate driven. Like they hate us, and the way we look, they are better than us, boo hoo. Such psychopathic crybabies. I've found out that the hate coming from individuals is directly proportional to their degree of plain-ness, averageness, or lack of attractiveness. Over here, they hide within their mob and throw rocks at targets. It's hate without consequence.

Furthermore, I've found out that they have info on what I do in my private life, and work that into their little hate psy-ops. I don't know how so many of these know about the little things I do; it seems like almost everyone here knows these things. Or they are trying to make it seem that way by carrying out roles to please the corrupt authority driving our campaigns.