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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Our Founding Fathers Were Terrorists"

He wouldnt have a damn job within the USA if it were never invented. He'd be working for England and probably alot more grown up about worldly affairs.
These people are creating terrorists with thier insanity.

This guy is obsessed. The cops and fire are way too capable of corruption to have this much power.

The authorities in this country are involved in acts of terrorism, covering up, witness tampering and you have the audacity to obsess over something that ISN'T EVEN RELEVANT DUE TO ITS PLACE IN HISTORY MAKING IT FAR REMOVED FROM CURRENT TERRORIST THREATS.
Also note that no mention of genocide of Natives was mentioned. (Becuz America never prosecutes its own war criminals anyways).

Cops and Firemen and even their families have been in on covertly destroying Targets for years.

Going into history to catch our forefathers at terrorism is a boyhood type fantasy. It shows an incredible desire for omnipotence, being all powerful. He may also have issues with his own father, as he seems to be obsessed with going back in time, which is impossible, perhaps into his own history he would like to go back and 'catch' his own 'father' for acts of terrorism or some male that had power over him that betrayed him and caused trauma.

In a world where men are largely in control of what we see here going on, this is very dangerous. Its a world of ultimate machismo where men are not supposed to be weak or have issues. Anyone with unresolved issues could become....unbalanced at not realize it. We are allowing males, in a very militarized culture, to have ultimate power over our society with not enough oversight. The public will not take this seriously as a threat to thier own safety. This may be just one overzealous male but I have seen, in media and in person, countless examples of these testosterone driven creatures turning the world into a horrible place to live.
Men are dangerous as they soley focus on only one objective and lose all other perspective- like hunters. They also get into this hunting party mode. They think alot differently in a military culture than they do in a civilized environment.

And by the way, how many people has our government had assassinated over the years? Guess what? Without all the money, influence and power gained from those actions YOU wouldnt have a job. Why not go keep an eye on our own intelligence services and thier allies, they seem to like to commit acts of terrorism for the good of our nation.

This is such a typical example of the insanity I see all the time in academia, corporate workplace and out in public nowadays. More so the first two. People get unbalanced becoming obsessed with ONE way of seeing things and become akin to preachers or cult leaders.

I think we are all a bit sick of going back into the past SELECTIVELY. Like apologizing for The Crusades. Who does the Pope think he is? When he becomes a Templar, a true Knight, you let me know becuz those are the only people who can apologize.

No matter what you say, no matter what you do right now at this time in history- HUMAN BEINGS ARE STILL SELF DECEPTIVE. APES WITH THE POWER OF A CREATOR THAT ABUSE THAT POWER TO PUSH THROUGH THIER GREEDY ANIMAL DESIRES.Our environment continues to disintegrate which you happen to need to exist in mammalian bodies. No matter how much you ignore this you cannot change that it is continuing to happen. You can choose to ignore harsh reality or you can face the things that really matter instead of assisting a bunch of eager little boys, who want to make war gams to play with thier neat new toys and pollute the planet into being uninhabitable.

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