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Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Osprey Backpack Possibly Chipped Causing Intensified Levels Of Harassment

(I will edit this in a few hours)

Usually when I go to panhandle in Kenmore theres no problem lately. That crowd last night coming out of the game was more like what I was getting years ago where perps would consistently be in a crowd of Red Sox fans.

I know it wasnt just a bad night becuz other tactics were done other than apparent fans passing by from the game.

I had forewarning also. I just picked up the new gear I ordered. Its lighter and a better size for me. When I went down to southie for an errand perps came out of the woodwork. Its like a different piece of gear is what got them going. Somebody even snapped a picture from their car I am pretty sure but not 100 percent. Its something they would do though if my appearance changed.

Also recall I have posted about the backpack I was usimg? When I wojld leave it somewhere very rarely that I felt I wasnt as effected by remote influence?

It may be that the RFID chips used for tracking customers purchase habits can be hacked or a differemt chip put in specifically used to influence a Target if they have the name on either a repair job or a warehouse order.
Ive had the old backpack repaired and this one is an order becuz they didnt carry my size.
Ive also left the old pack in various places inside over the years that had gang stalking activity so someone could have altered it possibly.

It could also be two sepdrate issues. One I get more remote influence with that pack becuz theres a metal frame givimg it shape right behind my back. The new one is desiged differently and the frame is painted not bare metal.

That could account for the remote influence and the perps might be pissed becuz I did somethimg positive for myself- accomplishsd something, reached a set goal, taking care of myself, etc.

I kmew after that initial reaction to the new backpack that they were going to come at me hard most likely to condition me to associate success with being harassed more.

But I just couldnt take it all in. So ignored my own warning.

Last night I experienced alot mors aggression and alot more sexual arousal. That is what made me lose it and scream at one of rhe fans finally,that made fun of me and later self injure.

Its very intense energy delivery or inducing it out of me. I had to release FOUR times to stop the aggression from being so bad that I felt violent towards myself. I also felt suicidal last night and seriously comsidered killing myself before that guy pissed me off and I screamed at him, turnimg the severe depression outward into aggeession and later of course aggression towards myself.

That amount of required release it is just rediculous. the other backpack, I have a saltpeter affect where I can hardly even gain release at all which I force myself to do at least once a day and I are practical reasons for their health wise and as far as the covert war.

I've even seen the gang stalking system doing media psy ops making fun of anyone who does such things. it's to condition Target to not do it of course.
not because it's morally wrong or illegal, but because daily release of sexual energy allows for target to have more control over there aggression.

I've learned over many years of going through this matt damon if you ate a targeted individual by using sexual arousal in a way to induce gresham in a way to induce with aggression, his ties into shaming humiliation breaking down the target and when mixed with harassment causes the person to snap and go postal, act out, or self injure. It can also cause this aggression to be expressed as depression and this somehow makes it much easier for the TI to be effected by behavior modification or BREAKING OF THE WILL.

If I did not release daily even if I dont feel like it at least once I would end up being much more susceptible to control.

why I ignore any and all references or mocking of this activity. because I am basically celebate now due to health issues this is the only alternative.
I also wonder if they keep target isolated by various means so they can control and manipulate the target via sexual energies.

This is exactly what happened last night. it's obvious other backpack was chipped or something do to my experience of stealing affected by remote influence influence when having the backpack on only and such a fact disappearing when's the backpack was left at a location away from me.

Since having with backpack as of yesterday I have experienced multiple instances of police seemimg to come to my location to monitor my behavior as if I were being watched due to being dangerous to,myself or others.
This rarely happens with the other backpack. Those 2 major changes in myself and others around me tells me something in my environmemt has changed to cause such new circumstances.
I say its the backpack.

Ausprey has acted strangely in the past with me on the telephone in reference to repair of the old backpack. Also remember Osprey is in Colorado. A place that is not only Illumimati central but also I personally have experienced being harassed and abused in the ER there whem I was rushed to the hosptial for anaphylactic shock in 2009. Which they didn't properly treat in full anyway. Therefore I had to go to another hospital in arizona. It's all documented on this blog. And I have the paper work.

Would not surprise me if somewhere along the way lovely new piece of gear got chipped or otherwise to cause the new effects I am now experiencing, by the way after just 24 hours form a pattern.

from what I've experienced thus far seems as if there's something about the backpack where do you order supper who are colder in their activities can find my location it somehow connected to the police so. call her but have to do is find my location can call the police if I was suspect somehow period.
Because we all know do to them looking like normal citizens they can easily act like 'concerned citizens' and due to the paranoia of anti terrorism, their calls will be taken seriously.

The technology has progressed so much in 10 years it's quite possible boys and I just described to be very easy nowadays.

I have to add that many TIs are either electromagnetically sensitve and or sensitive due to what goes along with being a Survivor. The older model Opsrey has a metal frame that is likea spine in the back of the pack. Due to this frame breaking frequently, the new design has the frame outlining the pack and stretching the netting around the back in a square shape opposed to hourglass. This still is a piece of metal on the TIs back which may increase sensitivity.

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Mike said...

I had that experience to, with getting pictures taken when I change my appearance. Sometimes even if I didnt change my appearance too, they would click a picture, then look at there phone as if they are hitting a button sending it somewhere, in an obvious way, kind of like saying gotcha visually. This doesnt happen regularly though, it didnt get a reaction from me, because I know they already know who I am. I'll f'in send a video telling them that if someone groupstalks me I will take it out on their families. That's right their precious family will feel the vengeance. OOOooo YEAH. I like that song "They don't think I listen , but I know who they are"