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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Now Public: Who Is Behind Gang Stalking; A Critique

I noticed its dated 2011 long after I have been using the term 'Survivor' in my work. Survivor is a term that specifically identifies a Survivor of mind control such as a cult, something more sophisticated like Satanic Ritual or other types of Ritual Abuse as well as mind control projects like MK Ultra or high level programming which is very specific in the way those Targeted Survivors are handled by a campaign.

I dislike this term being used to describe Targets of Gang Stalking as they should be identified only by TI or Target or Targeted person. Survivor is meant to denote someone who is a Survivor of the afore mentioned thus THIS IS THE MOTIVE FOR THEIR BEING TARGETED. Its very specific.

Its like being able to go to a specialist doctor and them identifying a specific ailment in a particular organ or system as the reason for your symptoms and illness all this time.
Say you had ten people who were obese. Three get diagnosed with hypothyroidism as the exact cause of their condition. You would not then, be able to claim all ten patients who are obese as having hypothyroidism. The reason they are obese is still yet unknown.

This is an acceptable analogy for a specific group of Targeted persons who find or are very sure they are targeted specifically because they are Survivors of programming, mind control projects etc.

Rarely are Targets survivors of Gang Stalking because its found to be life long by most TIs. However, people 'survive' programming and mind control projects. They 'survive' through things like layers of suicide programming and breaking mind control to live better lives much more self aware and self actualized. Unfortunately, they are still targeted for life. Actually, many of these Survivors are targeted becuz they broke through high level programming and survived or broke away from a cult etc and refuse to be controlled. In order for the cult or the much more complex system that programs people for spying, sex work, assassins, couriers, drug mules etc (mind control slaves) that is connected to MK Ultra, to not have victim witnesses running around telling similar stories and gaining cred they must target these people and immediately DIScredit them and this must continue for life.

With the amount of money taken in by drugs, sex and blackmail as well as the military industrial complex its not much to write off a budget to control possible leaks that would destroy the entire international crime syndicate.

This person's version of GS might be how it works, the mechanics of it and I myself have posted about the Unibomber and Harvard's part in that as well as my own abuse at the hands of Harvard students and in Harvard Sq.
(Yet there is a presence much more conducive to me writing my book and getting a lawyer in Harvard than Boston and Central Sq Cambridge's daily, constant pressure of GS and tech to get me to NOT go on with such things.)

However its disturbing how this person's outlining of GS doesnt include the use of chemical controls or influence nor tech. Both of which are used to actually get Targets to react, act out or appear mentally ill, 'on drugs', etc.

This is also why I keep both subjects separate still. I want TIs to be able to benefit even if they aren't Survivors- of mind control projects. One day they may discover they are or they may be interested in reading about genuine Survivors, as it helps to weed out all the disinfo crazies in TI forums who make claims like Survivors but generally only serve to cause chaos and thier claims are usually unreasonable.

Its interesting how many fake TI's Ive experienced who pass as poor, targeted ladies in shelters for instance but turn out to be bullshitting or be hysterics and staff are mean as hell to be probably becuz they believe the set up as written above.
Its very plausible whats in this link, becuz people who's stories really do register as bs are sympathized with and I get put out in cold all the time.
It could be becuz people are getting paid off and they want to cover for that by appearing sympathetic but its also becuz most normal people are easily brainwashed by the gang stalking perps and designers.

In such a shelter a woman had everyone fooled, she was dying of cancer etc. She bonded with staff. Even claims of her death from her boyfriend. It turned out she was alive and well, never had cancer etc.
Also she was always shunning and nasty to me, the way perps are usually. That means there was a perp group in the shelter, manipulating staff. And they knew I was smart, true and a whistle blower so they shunned me immediately.

Humans especially females, and especially the lower classes, will fall for people who chat and bond with them. They naively believe that being social makes for more socially acceptable, 'normal' people who of course then must be decent.
The reason that dumb criminals go to jail and smart ones make careers out of it I have seen is the ability to deceive. Everyone, even themselves at certain points.

I may get alot of wallet checking hand gestures as a tactic they are using over the past few months as a way to grind me into the ground mentally and to further my feeling socially unacceptable so forcing me to conform. But also its becuz theres a big campaign about pick pockets on the trains.
What makes me so amused is that these dumb guys, if they arent perps, actually think that someone who looks like a poor Traveler, hippie type is going to pick pockets. Its unbelievable.
Thats also how dumbed down this generation is. They WANT kids who arent slick about crime becuz the are easier to turn into informants thus control. They want people who can be controlled either by psychiatry, the prison system, the law enforcement agencies (setting people up then turning them informant) or just a system of shaming.

Effective pick pockets dress to blend in with the crowd. DUH..

And how does this person know exactly that this is how its done. I dont see reference to any links.

I do appreciate this bit however:
"Milgrams obedience study demonstrated this weakness in human nature very well. Targets are often adequate, normal people, that are being subjected to something completely out of the range of ordinary experience, cointelpro/gangstalking, is designed to destroy people. Targets can take mercy on themselves just by accepting this fact, and by contacting Congress regularly to request a full inquest of DOJ wrong doing being facilitated by the Patriot Act taking place through fusion centers and the FBI. We can ratify these laws and clarify the 9th amendment of the Bill of Rights. Although we may not have great evidence linking the DOJ program to us personally, We can notarize statements to our congressmen regarding the harassment we have experienced, as a reason we'd like to have our civil liberties strengthened. "

Out of the range of ordinary can say that again. Whew. They show you so much that you should be all rights lose your mind. MILABs? Psychic warriors? Seriously, its all so much that it isolates you even without the constant GS.
I am now never going to be able to go back into society the same way again due to what I have seen throughout this ordeal.
Its like they show you everything so it permanently marginalizes you from society and there are very few people left you can relate to. Its like Caligula having had to ruin his friends lifetime happiness before their wedding by sexually violating both of them.

I can totally see the people who are responsible for this being like that too. That is totally thier scene.

The piece is good in it has woken me up from some of the brainwashing thats been taking afffect lately, namely bitterness and hatred taking over. Ever time I get pissed and write things like that I am going to get revenge its probably taken down as evidence.

I dont worry about any of that. Becuz I know I will always have dirt on people they dont want exposed as well as I seem to have protection. But the interface from the tech in this location is so constant, it influences my behavior. And its useless to keep running from state to state as everywhere there is some sort of remote influence involved. It just depends what the desired outcome is.

Most places its always a deception anyways. In Austin I was being driven to design clothes but I noticed that my health issues, which of course are going to become life threatening in future if not addressed, were being pushed to the side. More diversion, more deception.

I might as well stay here and fight this system in my hometown.
Ultimately the perps believe they can win. They are confident that at some point they will finish off the TI.

In my case it seems they are trying purposely to get me so disgusted I leave the country. Then of course it might consist of a set up as being involved in terrorism against the US from overseas or even a set up like Kennedy's alleged assassin, Oswald. Where I say, I hate Romney etc and then theres a set up and a look alike does the deed and I am baited into returning to the US and its pinned on me somehow etc.

We've seen these webs weaved over and over. Its up to the public to say they are finally tired of being deceived, in the 21st century. I now dont believe that Cisco Wheeler's husband committed bank robbery. I was told that it was attempted to set me up for robbing a bank also. Can you IMAGINE???
This is what they do. Ive seen the use of doubles many times. One thing we do know: these people dont f*ck around and they get results.

This link only covers the surface of what GS consists of.

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Anonymous said...

I have been making comments on a website called Now Fact, with heading gangstalking iv. However, I have been prevented from getting onto the site for several days.

I am testing this site, to see if I can put up a comment. Most sites make it impossible to simply put up an anonymous comment.

It is decidedly a big problem, to be under attack. Are police forces being turned into domestic military? If a city of around 3 million gets 1 billion dollars a year for police and if there are 640 officers, that comes out to around 2 million dollars per officer. Can you imagine the quality of education, if each teacher had a 2 million dollar budget?