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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Protocol 1/Targeted Killings/ "I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office."

Manipulations, covert activity and outright plotting and lies for special interests leads to Targets being murdered using military grade technologies, probably being framed up as terrorists or disinformation being mixed with real information about Survivors to make them appear 'dangerous' when in fact they are framed up simply so that they do not reveal information that incriminates those special interests.

Instead of revealing how corrupt and screwed up their system is and how so much was done under the cover of Bush and his war actions, by organized crime and furthered human experimentation- instead of finally admitting to the public that there exists a system so secretive and effective that the abuse of it results in some of the worst human suffering known to mankind-they create provisions to protect people who might be pulled into plots and schemes by abuse of power.

Gee its like 9 years too late. Then again, they know that already. They just create things like this when the bad guys have escaped with the suitcases of money if you will. And all thier friends and the corporate/industry special interests that benefit of course. They create these things when its acceptable for them to do so, becuz the worst assholes alive on our planet in positions of unforgivable power have finished thier business f*cking everyone over and destroying the lives of countless millions on all sides.

When they finally decide to get real about MK Ultra, mass mind control and finally take in all the scientists, doctors and institutions guilty of war crimes via MK Ultra and Project Paper Clip and all other such activities, then and only then will I take this seriously.

I am sure I am supposed to be grateful for whatever mercy is given. But why is the world always in truth a horrifically abusive, sick place where the people in the most power are total murderous, perverted psychos and their are people who keep trying to do what they can to keep this totally corrupt reality and its perpetrators from destroying its victims completely. Its like admitting that the entire planet is run by the most f*cked criminals ever to exist and you are simply only able to stop them from totally destroying the world and everyone in it for thier own gains or amusement at every turn.


And I cannot believe how these rules and provisions sound like a mom telling her kids the ground rules for playing some game in the yard so they dont destroy the house. Its like dealing with frickin' little boys. UNBELIEVABLE. Totally unbelievable. I cannot believe I am even reading this. 'Now boys, you may play your little war games and make your lunch money and impress the girls but dont destroy mom's garden'. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT????!!! Seriously.

And this is fairly easy to figure out:

From a perspective of dealing with criminals, this one is easy. IF you were to bring alot of people involved in this mess to a courtroom and they start revealing information that tells of what really set them off to begin with or that they were paid or funded or ANYTHING that does not back up our government's version of events of 9-11 and all related to it, we would plainly see that they are not the only war criminals in that room on that day.

There have been many measures taken throughout this to ensure that any information that paints a picture any different from the one they insist on perpetuating is lost forever. This is one of the biggest scams in history. Endless examples of mismatching information, intimidation of witnesses (of which I have personally spoken to some of their family members- not in NY but other sites of 9-11. They have a lot to cover for.) and mysterious death of witnesses. People changing thier stories etc. Truthers obviously being gang stalked internationally and losing thier minds to insanity and either being framed up for violent actions or being driven to those actions- any TI will tell you how it works, to drive humans to desperate actions or mind control them into it.

If they dont admit to this covert system of influencing events and history, even timelines and dont admit to the fact that assassins, suicide bombers and the like are programmed then they never have to stop thier war games.

I realized a long time ago that world peace is simply undesirable to humans not impossible. Yet, strangely we are being promised 'world peace' through this NWO. Which of course is also a lie becuz they arent letting on to the realities of the aforementioned, certainly mass mind control. HAARP technologies, microwaves, you name its all able to be researched.

There are laws in the books for such technologies but not if its under a military action or black project etc.

Should we be grateful for the provision about unnecessary suffering not being allowed or long term damage to be incurred? Its a bit late now. They've gotten what they wanted- from us and everyone else involved. And the general public believes every single thread of bullshit coming out of thier mouths especially Americans.

Humans are animals. End of story. They are incapable of world peace, becuz they are greedy, selfish beasts. Any offer of world peace, specifically in an environment where the over funded war machine, the military industrial complex has such immense power and influence should be viewed as an outright deception.

"I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008
I dont believe in making fun of his small grammatical errors or miswording becuz I myself do not communicate well when sleep deprived etc. That could happen to anyone. Its the quotes that reflect his state of mind that are disturbing. Like he's been in the bible ever since he became president.
I believe part of the time he is just sounding stupid on purpose becuz that was part of the act to mislead the public. The childish way he speaks also makes the public feel spoken to like children which we see in Obama and his vide president as well. At least Bush was overtly arrogant about being 'the Big Cheese' which I find less annoying than the Obama administration's habit of being condescending to the public LIKE talking to ACTUAL children.

Then again this entire set up has been about the abusive dad and then being handed over to Mama Obama to make everything better, with his cult like following and his effeminacy. A black male of his kind is equal to a strong white female which I know America would rather be blown off the face of the earth than have any female as President. Now we have become one big happy dysfunctional family, bonded by being terrorized and believing whatever is told to us to survive.


Do any provisions cover actions such as this? Like I posted yesterday, the country is based on thievery and total bullshit. Its hopeless especially now and since the new America has emerged, our true homeland and culture is gone forever never to return.
Time to return to Europe and call it a wash where at least they are overt about thier Illuminati obsessions. I'd always rather by f*cked over more openly. America is a Cancerian country that loves to hide its head in Disney World while some abusive usually male authority figure is raping the shit out of them.
I cant deal with how obvious this is and I dont like hiding my head in the sand. I like striking back an open blow to my face. At least I feel like I have some respect from my enemy. This entire thing has just degenerated into another sad version of a Ward and June Cleaver-esque reality. The one my mother warned me about (but who sadly is a brainwashed victim of now herself.)
Unlike her I will never tire of fighting. I'll just leave, like my dad. Becuz I dont like a country that is content with the things it uses to comfort itself here while acting so stupid about being screwed over to begin with. And ever step thats take just brings us farther away from the truth of THE ORIGINAL EVENTS over a decade ago.

I will never share thier sick cover up. But many Americans prefer it that way. The country is done. Its gone. And no provisions are going to change the amount of bullshit that this place produces now to cover its ass for what has been going on for years, really since late Clinton. I am sick of being led to live in dream land being told that is the only way to escape the nightmare that was created.

Any true American should never be satisfied with the results of what has occurred over these past years until the truth is fully revealed and the guilty parties are brought to justice- and special interests are brought down to thier knees where they belong. Like the military industrial complex for example.

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