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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nona People Blog Provides Alot Of Info On World Wide Abuse Networks

 I understand the problem now. Why so many have to hate me.

Becuz a great number of the world's population are either in on these networks, make money off of,them somehow or are tied to or involved with people who are in them or involved with them.

And once you wake up-once your out, your out.

If I was ever naively associated with people who were tied in in any way even through their associations, I am no longer acceptable due to the fact I am fully aware of what I am dealing with or at least what goes on.

And since I wont be intimidated into silence and forgetting, mostly due to not being able to go on living without closure for what they did to ME personally, then I am REALLY socially unacceptable.

Over the last few days Ive been getting alot of harassment in Boston and people around here just HARE me. I mean its really viscous..
Strangely this only began since the students left the colleges and summer began here in Boston due to that.

Its now unlivable here.

Sadly I am going to have to flee again for my own safety.

At least I,understand better what I am up against.

I dont fully trust the sight as it has some things about it that are suspect, but the info is more than I can do on my blogs.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes their benefit isn't monetary, but a sense of empowerment that they get for being involved. They also feel like they are entitled to do whatever they please without any kind of punishment. They really do think that, some of them. These types think they can do harassment and they honestly don't think we deserve to retaliate. It's like the bullying victim that everyone knows about and at some point, the mob gets it wired into their brains that they should do whatever they want. They've actually gotten past the morally wrong aspect, and also the "Maybe I could do this; it's harmless fun". And now they are at the "I should do this". And of course, it's so widespread and accepted, they actually think it's their patriotic duty to harass targets regardless of what they did. There is an obsessive-compulsive aspect to this, that people think they have to take at least one jab at a target in order to get their two sense in. Or it's a type of souvenir.

Anonymous said...

This was my suspicion from the very beginning of my campaign. When they went overt and nasty on me, I had gotten vibes that abuse networks involving children were at work. Partly, it was due to the fact that perps were selling me as a child molester, and right off, that made be suspicious. If people are lying and making you out to be a bad person and framing you up, then if you are accused to be [xxx], then it follows that people of type [xxx] are involved. They do frame up targets and slander them to be other things, like bank robbers, which is stupid, I know, but then it follows that whatever you are slandered to be must involve something very similar, like money laundering. If you are innocent of something, yet are slandered to be something, then it's obvious that people involved are the ones involved in this. It's consistent with human nature and the way humans displace and project the blame onto a fall person. The methods get very sophisticated, yet human nature never changes.

Funny how nobody has ever witnessed me doing things things, never, yet idiots pretending to be neighborhood watch good guys believe them. Such is the nature of perps: they refuse to be held accountable for any of their vices or actions. It's just basic human survival and the fact that they don't want to get caught, so of course they displace everything onto a convenient victim. They have tried every type of mind game with their large numbers to get me to believe I am doing things perps are guilty of. Well, one telling aspect is that these perps are obviously not good people in the least.