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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red Sox CIA Ties For Decades

 ..and when he returned from Russia, he was described as being "flaky". For the remainder of his life, he sounds very much like a Targeted Individual. He didnt write his memoirs becuz a ghost writer got him confused with MOE of MOE, LARRY and CURLY The Three Stooges fame? That is SO something the perps would pull. They know what pisses certain people off or what will make people get turned off to revealing information. They know exactly how to manipulate thier Targets.

I cant say for sure but coming back from the USSR 'flaky' and having your life go down the tubes sounds like being targeted.
"Henry, the low-talking hedge funder, has had considerable help in Lucchino, Werner, and of course, the brilliant young GM who has spawned a new generation of BlackBerry-wielding, stat-driven, cold-blooded hardballers intent on reinventing baseball operations."

Bush-Red Sox Scandal By Sherman H. Skolnick

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