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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dead Zone Vacation Spots

This is most likely why wealthy and connected people are purchasing land thats been tunneled underground.

If cell phones do get hooked into satellite then there will be no cell phone dead zones anywhere.

Since the public dont uncerstand the dangers of electromagnetic pollution nor know that mass mind control is being uswd to manage most western societies via piggybacking the cell phone signals they just go along with the total saturation of all open spaces.

The get the author desires myspace still exist in the future yet writes it off to fate and progress that there will be no spaces, show is the danger of the sheep like mentality.

I'm not saying this to be fecicious or bitter it's genuinely dangerous way to be. .

humans have a strange quirk. A self destructive instinct-o in love with your own death, their own murder.  The death instinct.

They don't see it for what it is, in their own psychological makeup, so they usually don't avoid it. any serious drug addict whos recovered understands this. So called normal people think they are in control so they dont look deeply inside themselves. Thus they are quite easily manipulated and enslaved.


Anonymous said...

I'm just pondering now why we even need all of this high-tech stuff we have? When I was growing up, and I assume it was the same with you as well, we didn't have computers, cell phones, or even decent TV's! What we did have was a phone on the wall that went Rinnnggg! (a real bell) that was wired, and did not need wireless transmission. Shit, they were even self-powered!

Yet we still had enough goodies to keep us happy. I had my mom's Magnavox stereo with tubes that she had in high school. Then later I got my own stereo. This time it had a tuner. :-)

But what did have have, then, if not computers and other electronic stuff? Great music! Gee, now there's an interesting concept. And you could still watch TV if you wanted. We didn't have cable, but there was still enough there to keep me happy.

I'm talking about the early days, like up to age 10 or so. Had a very good life. Yet there were no computers or other sophisticated electronics toys.

Without all of these technological marvels, I think humans could grow more compared to having them. You'd be forced to read, send letters, and use your imagination. And the music was far better.

I like to think of a thought experiment: say if there was a law requiring everyone to throw out all their electronic junk, like computers, DVD players, cell phones. To make it fair, all the covert stuff would need to be gone as well. That means cell phone towers and the tech used to control people. You'd be allowed some primitive electronic stuff, like fax machines, regular Bell telephones with the rotary dialer, and analog TVs like what was made up to 1975 or so. Ok, so I'll allow a 1977 Quasar TV with the electronic tuner. :-) And of course you'd still have things like walkie-talkies and AM/FM stereo tuners, but they'd be strictly analog.

And now visualize what the world would be like. What would the world morph into? How would people evolve? The way most people have been led to believe, people would degenerate. I think such a burden would be lifted. Trees would grow, flowers would bloom where now vegetation is killed off by all the electromagnetic interference.

Anonymous said...

I think that we as humans have made things way to complicated for ourselves. I feel that we're trapped in this electronic and technological jungle we've created, and created a complex society (including the covert stuff). And what is the result? More power to the "elite" who want to rule from the shadows! It certainly has not made the arts (visual arts, music, drawing painting) and better, that's for sure. I've always considered the arts to be a concept to be held far above everything else. They're the most important things. But they are devalued considerably.

We're only trapping and enslaving ourselves is all. Trapped in a complex technological society. I really am considering a movement to scrap all of that and go back to a simpler way of living.

I was thinking about all of that, because I have like tons of laptops and other electronic boards, kits, components here. See, I collect things like computers, and fix them up, and also build them.

I have computers and laptops in various stages of disrepair. About a dozen of them. I also have a dozen electronics labs (kits) that I can't even mess with because the laptops and computers are taking up so much room.

Like my HP laptop that I bought in early 2006. I bought another laptop, and gave this one to my nephew. Well, he was really young, and it wound up seriously smashed. Like there's a big puncture in the top keyboard cover, the motherboard appears dead, etc. It kind of has the theme that people can't handle all this tech that man has created. The whole idea of creating advancements in manufacturing and electronic technologies is to make life easier, to create a higher standard of living. But has it really done that? It's more like a burden than a help to society.

Nah, but who needs good music when we can have electronic toys all over the place? Junkies looking for a fix.

With all the money I've invested in all of this junk, I could have saved a ton and had money to make a down payment on a house by now. Well, if I didn't have a car, that would have been the case. Society is way to complicated.

Maybe I love cars, electronics, and computers. But without that hobby of mine, I could have had a nice amount of money in the bank.