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Monday, May 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin sworn in as Russian president amid protests

The Guardian


Anonymous said...

Always had a bad feeling about Putin. Looks like one of those scary, heavy-handed types that do what "they" want.

Anonymous said...

More NWO detaining/interrogation of innocent citizens:

Nikita Volkov, 28, a computer programmer, said he was walking down the street with a white ribbon on his belt when the police detained him with no explanation, gave him an official warning against participating in unsanctioned demonstrations, videotaped him, and recorded his personal information. At an evening gathering that had been publicized over the Internet, the police simply walked through the crowd, identified everyone who was not a journalist, and put them into a van.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Putin is very much a Bush type of person. Lucky for us, presidents can only be elected for 2 4-year terms. I see where he feels he is a "man on a mission". What kind of mission? Power-mad despot perhaps, who will squash and poison his enemies?

At least the people over there are smart enough to rebel. Over here, Bush got in with little protest. The people were silent. It's good to see the dissent in Russia.

I'm sure if he were of no use to the Agenda, his reign would end in a very quick and shocking manner.

Also, Gorbachev, who was making nice with Reagan, spoke of the NWO as well.

I guarantee there are many people associated with the NWO monitoring this and other situations worldwide. And if they see that Putin is a threat to them, he would be gone like tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Was looking at some photos of Putin. Couldn't help but notice the similarity to the Rolling Stones' Charlie Watts.